What 22" LCD for watching Divx movies?

I am looking for a 22" LCD monitor to watch Divx movies (700MB/1.4GB compressed formats) and some DVDs on my computer. No gaming.

I guess I am looking for a monitor with:
- good contrast so the dark scenes are clear
- a sharp picture with limited image noise in movies
- a good viewing angle.

Would DVI improve the picture in Divx movies?

What do you think of these models (most are VGA only - I am on a limited budget)?
LG W2252S-PF
Samsung 2220LM
Viewsonic VA2216w

Any recommendations? Thanks.
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  1. DVI just means that it is digital.

    I would suggest a Samsung monitor - my personal experiences have been superb.
  2. Your going to have more problems with those crappy rips.

    Seriously 700MB movies encoded in an ancient format like Divx? Its going to look like **** on any monitor.
    Encode your movies with x264 with a CRF value of at least 22.
  3. Dark, good dark, costs money.
    I like samsungs.
  4. Thanks for your input.
    I know Divx won't look like DVDs but I am looking for a monitor on which they will look the most decent. It can only be an improvement over the 19" CRT I have right now. :)
    Samsung is slightly ahead of LG and Viewsonic on my list right now.
    I have to see if DVI is clearly better than VGA from the naked eye.
  5. Well, scratch that list. I went to the stores and played a Divx movie for comparison. I was won over by the glossy screens. It's subjective of course but movies just looked better to my eye than on the matte screens. Colors are more vibrant and blacks are richer. I can live with the mirror effect.

    What glossy 22" LCD monitors are good out there? Do Samsung, LG, Viewsonic make any? Or should I look at Acer, HP, Asus, etc...?
  6. Heya,

    I actually don't like the glossy ones for DIVX or any compressed files I find. Glossy often has sharp changes in colors. Depending on your videos, this can be good or bad. Overall, glares and reflections are worse becuase you end up focusing on something in the screen rather than the flick you're watching. That can be really annoying. I prefer the matte finish screens. They don't reflect things and also don't show prints as bad either (glossy is annoying because you'll find so much stuff on there over time that eventually takes away from the image unless you clean it regularily).

    Check out the 22" Westinghouse. It's very sturdy, doesn't wobble like most of them out there, and has great specs for it's cost. It retails anywhere around $230~300 depending where you go both retail or online.

    Very best, :)
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, they don't carry Westinghouse here in France.
    I was disappointed how movies looked on matte screens. Even on brand names like Samsung, LG and Viewsonic. Colors looked faded as opposed to their glossy counterparts like HP and Acer. Only on HD matte screens was the image OK but they're out of my budget. I typically use matte screens for home/office use, but for movies something is missing. I guess I am used to watching movies on glossy TV screens.
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