Hard disk error when installing OS.

Hello all,

I got a new motherboard, CPU and ram and built a new rig using the DVD/R and the hard disk i had in my old comp.

now when i try to install windows vista, i get past the "Installing windows files ....." screen, then i get to a screen saying that the Removable storage device or the DVD/R encountered an error, due to hardware failure or removing the device while it was being use.

I know for a fact that the DVD/R is working properly. however, the hard drive i am using was being use for an intel build, but was the SECONDARY HD, not the one with the Operating system. could that be causing the error i mentioned earlier?

If so, do i have to format it? and how do i do that? as my old build doesn't work anymore so i have no access to the drive from windows.
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  1. Windows checks the media you look like you're about to install to. It does quite a thorough check -- like you, I've had a drive which seemed fine but failed this test.

    Be thankful that it's been spotted before it could cause you real inconvenience. Buy a new drive, they're always faster, bigger and cheaper than they were !
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