Having 2 different hard drives on sata problem???

Well i recently posted on another forum, complaining about my videos skipping and what not. Someone had said

"If you have both internal drives on the same sata controller, both drives may default to the performance of the slower drive. I would shutdown, power down, unplug the slower drive (if it's not the system one), unlpug your external drives and check performance with just the Caviar Black drive."

because i have a caviar black and a caviar green in my pc, along with 2 externals plugged in.... i was just wondering is that true having 2 hdd's plugged into sata, it will defualt to the slowest 1??
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  1. Each drive is on it's own port, and each will do what it's spec'd to do. You need to check for latency issues on your system, google for dpclat.exe and download it and run it...
  2. I have that, and ran it never spiked to red o r yellow maybe i should do that next time im watchin a movie again just to be sure..

    right now im staying anywhere between 70 and 110 this is with vent open.
  3. it spiked randomly to 500 sometime threw out the night i didnt really catch it. Ive noticed my sound has been all crazy ever since i have switched to 7. somethings not acting right etc.
  4. i found a way to make it spike to 1000 what does that mean???
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