HD4870 or Quad Core cause for insanely bright screen?

So I got my new build working for a little over a week now. Everything was working fine. Just a few minutes ago, I open up the computer to redo my thermal paste because I put too much. Now when I turn on my computer, it loads to Vista okay and looks fine for a few moments. After that the screen turns into this:


Anyone got a clue whats going on? My ATI drivers are the latest. When I opened the computer, the only thing I did was take out one stick of ram to free up some space, then took out the heat sink, then took off the cpu. I didn't clean off the paste with any chemicals, I just used a cloth towel and artic clean. Not sure if its even CPU related because now i get better temp in Real Temp.
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  1. oh yeah here are my specs:

    DDR2 PC1066 4gb 2x2 running in dual channel
    Corsaird 750w
    Vista Home Pro
  2. ok sorry about the picture, I looked at it on my laptop and it looked fine, what the screen looks like right now is basiclly the contrast and brightness turned all the way up
  3. whats weird is that when i play a game such as DOD source or war3, the screen is back to normal but when i exit back to the desktop, the problem returns
  4. check your screen refresh rate, on some monitors a higher
    screen refresh rate causes extremely bright, washed out
    screens...mainly on the desktop.
    Using an old NEC Multisync 70 crt monitor, running XP Pro sp2,
    on a Nvidia 6600 Gt, with a P4 630 3.0 Ghz cpu... I use a refresh
    rate of 60. When I, or some software alters the screen refresh
    rate to 75 or 85 due to resolution changes, the colors and brightness
    of the screen is drastically affected...from normal to super bright.

    just a thought...but hey...ya never know...wot?
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