Are my Temps normal?

Hey, My current relevant system specs:

Cpu: I7 920 @ 3.66ghz core voltage:1.23v Cpu VTT: 1.34v ( stock 1.21 because I'm not sure what it was called )
Memory: G.Skill Trident 3x2gb 9-9-9-24 @ 1834mhz @ 1.65v
Heatsink: My memory already has some nice heatsink on. As for my Cpu, I am currently using the Thermalright True Black with a push pull fan setup.

My motherboard is the DFI Lanparty UT x58, it has this heatsink called the "Flame Freezer" which connects to the end of the motherboard and sticks out the back of your case, It actually works, because when I put my hands on it, It felt real hot.

Now my Question.. Using RealTemp 3.00, My Cpu idles at 55C and on 100% load using OCCT and wPrime Cpu core 0 (aka first core) maxes out at 79C, while the other 3 cores hover around 76. Now why is this? My case is the Coolermaster Storm Sniper, with all the 200mm fans added including the sidepanel one so I know my Airflow is good.

I also have another system, the PhenomII 940, @ 3.6ghz which runs at about 50C 100% load and idles around 40. Why is that!?

So Yeah... Are my temps normal for an Oc'ed i7 system? And What can I do to help keep the temp down?
Heres a List of the things I have done:

-Lowered Vcore to 1.23v
-Applied Arctic mx-2 ( apparently its the best thermal compound )
-Re applied the mx 2 using a plastic screw bag and my finger to flatten the paste onto my Cpu before I applied the paste.
-Increased the fan speed on my case.

Any help would be appreciated ( This is not a HUGE problem, I mean my room temp is around 35 so... yeah. Its hot, my chair is freaking wet cuz my butt sweats alot. hehe ) :hello:
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  1. Oh and my Voltages are pretty low already since if I put them any lower my system won't boot. And I get the BSOD.
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