Antec cooling mod idea

ANtec P182

ive had the great brain wave idea of cutting a filtered mesh into the top of the case to allow for natural heat dissipation!!

just wondering where the best places are to buy a black mesh tht would be similar to the fan cover on the top.

and what tools would i need?

i have searched google but not found any specific dealers for case mods and tools.

is it a case of using stuff from places like little hardware stores?
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  1. While that's possible, why not just get an Antec Nine Hundred? The case can work with liquid cooling and the top fan is great. No need to mod that case. The Antec Three Hundred is good too. See the following:

    I was considering modding an old, but sturdy, RAIDMAX case that served me since the Northwood days, but decided to get the Antec Nine Hundred instead.

    If you just don't want to get a new case, but enjoy modding them, then a hardware store's the place to start, or ask at the build your own area if you live near a Fry's (they'd probably try to talk you into buying a better case too).
  2. Did that with my case and it works fine.
    What you will need is a 4.5" (114mm) drill, a smaller drill bit for the screw holes and one of These.
    This will give you an additional 120mm fan exhausting heat from the top of your case.
    If you want everything to be black, a little spray paint will go a long ways.
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