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I was looking up some performance chart info today and saw an ad from Digital Storm which I followed the link to their site to check out what they had. In the upgrade section I found a sealed liquid cooling system from Asetek which caught my eye. Ref:
After seeing this I researched and found that I was being distributed through Corsair so I went to Corsairs website and found that Compusa has this for $89. The Corsair websites also had some interesting videos of the H-50 water cooling system. Newegg has a MassCool version which looks altered and not all good reveiws.
My question is has anyone out there tried this yet?
I'm asking because on Corsair's website they have a you tube video of two identical systems one aircooled with the same CPU cooler I had currently on my Intel E9550 OC'd to 3 GHz and the other system with the Cosair H-50 water cooler. You can see the results on the video when both systems were pushed to the limit. I know the tests were done on the new I7 CPU's but tit does lean me towards getting the Corsair unit and replacing my air cooler. Any info would be appreciated, Thanks
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  1. 1. This is not real WCing and you will NOT get smiler or even close to a real WCing loop.

    2. Most pro WCers, me included do not recommend the H50,etc.
    See what the pro's have to say here:
    The test (YouTube) was bias.

    3. A high end WCing loop will be ~$350 for CPU.

    4. A good performance air cooler: Core Contact Freezer. $25-30 after MIR at Newegg. This will come to the same performance as the H50.
  2. I second that........

  3. +1

    and adding a GPU to a loop is at least $100 (probably more for a bigger rad, maybe a separate loop)
  4. wow just watched corsair's video, they had the fan pulling and there excuse was that it interfered with their tall memory heat sinks so it had to be that way

    also they did not swap the coolers to see if the one i7 was just unstable at that speed
  5. Shadow, I don't want to go down that road of spending as much for my cooling system as I did for my computer. I've looked at Koolance and Swiftech and other websites and to convert my SLI system to all liquid would not only eat away at my pc upgrade kitty but would also threaten my mustang fund.
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