Problem connecting 2.5 hard drive to desktop.

After accidently pouring coffee on my now unserviceable Pavilion dv9000ea laptop, I have removed the two Seagate 120GB Serial AT Disc Drives hoping to recover the data on them.

I purchased a 2.5” to 3.5” IDE Hard Drive Cable Adaptor but the 2.5 connection on the adaptor was too big. I also noticed that there were no pins in the hard drive. It appears to have two blocks of blades 1 with 7 and 1 with 15. Of course the adaptor would not fit, even if it had been the right size.

Has anyone come across this problem, and if so, point me in the right direction. It would be very much appreciated.
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  1. You don't need the 2.5" to 3.5" IDE hard drive cable adapter, your 2.5" drive used SATA not IDE. If you have a desktop computer available you can plug the 2.5" drive using the desktops SATA connections. If you want to retrieve the data on a computer withour SATA connections you will have to buy a SATA to USB adapter.

    If your connections look like this (
    then it is a SATA drive (note the actual drive will look different)

    There are many different types of adapters our there here are two so you know what you are looking for.

    The last two seem to have better reviews.
  2. They're Serial ATA. You don't need any adapters - the cables from your motherboard should directly plug into the drive (since notebook SATA drives and desktop SATA drives use exactly the same connectors).
  3. Can we connect a Acer Aspire One ZG5 netbook Hard drive directly to a desktops power and data cables? I have read some people say yes, and some people say it's too much voltage. What is the answer?
    The drive is a Seagate 120 GB Model:ST9120817AS, Momentus 5400.4, +5V , Serial ATA 0.508 A.
    As my netbook under repair and i want to transfer the data to my desktop computer, please advaise.
  4. hey man,you can use the HDD out an Acer ZG5 just fine, i use my old one in my desktop. As long as you have a SATA cable and SATA power plug, you can plug it in and it'll work just fine. If you don't have a SATA power plug, you can get a molex, (which is the regular 4 pin that they sometimes use these days and used to use on older systems), to SATA adaptor. they're usually pretty cheap, you can find them on,,tiger direct and ebay.
  5. SATA is a standard that covers the physical connectors for both data and power, and the same connectors are used for desktop and laptop drives. Laptop drives don't necessarily use ALL of the contacts on the power connector, but they the ones they do use are correct and they will work properly if they're plugged into a desktop system.

    Modern computers do a pretty good job of differentiating connector types. Aside from motherboard headers, the crazy A/B combinations of some USB cables and the fact that audio connectors tend use the same mini jacks for various inputs and outputs, I can't really think of any cases where there will be a problem as long as the connectors fit.
  6. No problem ,You can connect your 2.5" HDD to the desktop as normal,Just remove the yellow wire from the power cord,after that all will work fine,and i am using a 250gb 2.5" hdd in my desktop!
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