9800GTX+ or 4850, AND will they work with my PSU?

I can't decide between the two, but I've always been a Nvidia fanboy.
Which would be best for games like BioShock, CSS, and Crysis?

I only play at 1280x1024, and I rarely use AA and AF, since my card is a 7600GT at the moment.
Which card would be best suited for playing on that resolution with maybe 2xAA and 2/4xAF?

Oh, and my PSU is a Optimax Titan Power 450W. It has two 12V ratings, one at 22A and the other at 12(?)A.

Both cards, I assume, require atleast 24A on the 12V.

Should I buy a new PSU, say:

Thanks for all the help!
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  1. At 1280 X 1024, the GTX+ will be somewhat better. That PSU is a bit itchy for either card though. I'm not too sure of its quality, so it may be underpowered. The 4850 is very close to hanging with the GTX+ at this resolution + AA. If you up the AA or res, you will see the 4850 having an advantage at most games. Crysis is an exception to this.

    Ultimately. 9800GTX+ has more stable drivers, comparable performance at low res, and a decent heatsink.
    for the same cost you can get An non-Oem 4850 which has better overall performance, and dx10.1+tessellation going for it
  2. Yeah, I'll probably upgrade the PSU to atleast 500/550/600W.

    But the thing is.. I'm looking for the long run. I don't usually upgrade my GPU often - I'm still using a 7600GT with great success. That's why I love Nvidia and feeling slightly hesitant switching to an ATI card.

    I heard it runs at really, really hot temperatures, too.
  3. u can give it a try it might work.
    i would go with the 4850.
  4. If your looking at keeping this thing past Q3 2009 I'd recommend getting a non stock 4850. Something along this line: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102760

    The 4800 series running at hot temps was due to poor stock heatsinks / low fanspeed. This version of the 4850 will run around 50 degrees at load overclocked, provided you have decent air circulation in your case. Unfortunately you will be sacrificing more homogeneous performance across the board in exchange for ATI's constantly updated (but not always perfect) drivers.
  5. The ATIs run a little hotter, but for 170 ish, the 4850 will be a better deal.

    This card is $169.99

    You mentioned longer run, the ati has dx 10.1 to nvidias 10.0. and Crysis runs great with the 4800 series, unless u got some cash for a marginally better GT200 series go with ATI.

    The OcZ power supply with 600W should be fine, adn the 20 rebate is sweet deal. Enjoy your new system either way and go fraggin.
  6. Although ATI has DX10.1, NVidia does have OpenGL 2.1, if that makes any considerable difference.

    I'm still torn... but slightly leaning on the 4850 now.
  7. OpenGL 2.1 is supported on the 4800 series cards

    At current I think crysis or nvidia's drivers are more optimized for each other.
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