Connecting Verizon Fios Router to a Netgear Wireless Router

I am getting Verizon Fios in a few days and I already have a large Home Network Setup. Only wireless devices that I allow can connect, for security reasons (i live next to an apartment building and they always try to hack into my network to "Borrow" my Internet connection, however I have Print Sharing and File Sharing enabled within my network. So if someone were to hack into my network they can reek havoc on my setup. I have about 7 Computers and Devices connected at all times. Now with the Verizon Fios Router/ Modem it adds not only Speed but another way for someone to hack in to my network. I was told from Verizon that why should I keep using my current router when I am getting a "Free" one with my service. Well That Verizon Router is low quality compared to my Netgear Wireless N Rangemax. So the main question is how to Connect the Verizon Router to my Netgear? (Crossover or Strait Thru) and also how do I shut off the Wireless Signal?

Thanks to all who Post Info!


P.S.: the connection I want is Wired from the Verizon Router to the Netgear. and the feature i have enabled on my Netgear to keep all other wireless computers and devices out is Wireless Access Control. with that on no one can connect but me!
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  1. You only need to use the router if you're getting Verizon Fios TV installed. If you're just getting internet, take their router and put it on a shelf.

    If you're getting TV, the actiontec connects your home ethernet cable with you're tv cable. Before the actiontec router, they used a device from Motorola called a NIM100 to do this. Maybe they have an old one lying around? If not, you'll need to turn off DHCP and wireless broadcasting on the actiontec, and use it as a switch. I'm sure their tecs can set it up for you.
  2. I also think you can disable the wireless portion of the fios modem. Then connect your 2nd router on a different segment.
  3. Basic wire/wireless network security/protection that are standard feature on routers. See questions below...

    (wireless)Do you broadcast your network? This is a basic feature of wireless routers not to broadcast your network.

    Another protection level is to enable your security code (128 character)on the network. Do you use one ?

    The next level of protection is to define the MAC address of the network devices(pc , print-server) that you will allow to use your wire/wireless network.

    If you don't understand theses details get help from your provider or someone you know close by.
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