Fan Controller (auto one that works?)

Need a recommendation!

Ok so I've got an NZXT Tempest.
That comes with 6 fans. Two fans on the CPU cooler. Another fan on the GPU.

You can't even hear the hard drives, and it's unnessecary BUT I like the airflow there in case I need it. I don't want to be fiddling with manual controllers (not that it's hard, I just think its a simple task the computer should do itself).

I only have one chassis fan output, and it doesn't support QFan.
My dual CPU fans are 3 pin not 4 pin so I can't even slow those down.

All I'm after is an Auto control that WORKS and lets me specify the temp (not some auto default I can't change).

I can't find anything. Any recommendations?

Most auto models I've seen do not let you set the desired temp or at least don't advertise it, and some like the newer releases of the Sentry LX don't even work, and just throw the fans on 100% in auto mode.

All my fans have 3 pin and molex connectors. It's also important that each output will run two fans without having a spaz. I like pretty things, but a nice display isn't needed, I'd prefer a boring board that I could hide that just does the job, but open to anything.

I've made a circuit design to build my own (PIC+VarResistor IC+MOSFETS etc), but it's a lot of effort, would rather a pre-made one.
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    Your going to have to buy one that has the wired seperate temp devices. I had one, had 4 channels able to handle two regular CFM 120mm fans. I put one on the NB, one by the CPU, one by the GPUs, and one by the exhaust fans. I could set the temp threshhold where the fan would run at 3 different speeds. Sounds perfect?

    It was terrible in practice. Piece of junk. screen would freeze, temp probes wouldn't stay.

    The OLNY one the pros use is two brands. One was summing like the Big NG. Please go to xtreme forums and look up info in the WC and air section. I have read lots of threads on it over the last 1.5 years.
  2. Thanks for the pointer! Will head over and do some reading.
    Educate my brain etc
  3. Thanks BigNG looks perfect
  4. Thank you for the reply, we see few who take the time to do so. Good luck!
  5. Hey, sorry this is kind of dead, but where did you find the BigNG, it looks perfect for me, but I can't find.
  6. I never got one because I took my car to the mechanics for its checkup, previous owner didn't do much maintenance :(

    But a quick google found one

    Sure there is a few other spots too, most seem to be in the UK though.
  7. exactly what I found, and the one's in the US were all out of stock.
    sunbeam had something like this called the theta, but I can't find that either.

    All I wan't is a simple device, that I set the temperatures for (via software or on the device) and it measures them and adjusts the fans accordingly,

    And works. The NZXT sentry dual slot does that, and so does an Aerocool, but they are expensive (granted not as much as the BigNG), sometimes don't work, and can't support more than 4 fans with like only 4 watts it pathetic

    Was going to get sunbeam windmill, but then realized it didn't have an auto function. Anyway sorry for my rant,

    but the closest thing I could find was this
  8. actually you can switch prices at that place to US dollars, but i don't know how much of a hassle ordering it is, or what shipping prices are. They Mini NG looks nice 20 watts of power still but only 2 channels, with some fan splitters it would work fine for me.

    But still 40$
  9. You could get 2, that's 4 channels. MiniNG might do me as well, really only need to control the case fans + CPU fan.

    I've worked out a circuit to do what's needed but it wouldn't have the pretty BigNG interface, likely configure it via a serial port connection etc Trouble is, unless I make 1000 of the things, the cost is epic per unit, and costs of prototyping isn't cheap either. Even building 10 they work out at $NZ150ea ($80USish) for what'd be a much lower quality product.

    So yeah, bailed on that idea, I'll import a BigNG or MiniNG when I get to it.
    I got mechanics and lawyers ripping my wallet apart, so I aint doing nothing for a while!
  10. oh and double post, but I finally got warm air out of the PC.

    Got a wind stream that does half the CPU flow, through the NB heatsink, bounces off the rear of the video card, then gets sucked out the back - nice warm air :) all other outputs are as cold as ice and could be slowed right down.
  11. Yeah, I think I'll get a NG, but later,

    Probably after I upgrade, my cpu cooler, my case fans, and possibly if i get a new video card.

    Seems like a simple idea, (like you said you could make one yourself) that more companies would make the, and for a little cheaper to.

    Well the sunbeam one was pretty cheap it looks like, $30, and 5 or 7 fans, just didn't last that long. Maybe I'll call all the companies up and demand something from them.
  12. We're a niche market, it's hard to convince people to invest in an idea.

    Mine is cheap to make except the PCB. I've had local and international quotes done, you have to order a tonne of the boards to make it worth while. Can see why most parts come from China in bulk lots these days. Needs 3 ICs, and 4 MOSFETS, although was going to add an extra circuit to do PWM->DC conversion, so you can use the motherboards PWM Control features on a 3 pin fan (that is actualy quite easy, correctly chosen transistor and a capacitor).
  13. I feel smart just because I can somewhat follow that, dude you are the real definition of "hardware enthusiast"

    If you ever get it to come through, I'll test it out for you :)
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