Thermaltake Toughpower 850W fan replacement

I recently discovered the obsession of a quiet case :)
I have a Thermaltake Armor, 1st gen if you know what I mean, no huge side fan.
I replaced the 2 front, 1 rear and cpu 120mm fans with quieter red ones, put every fan on a fan controller to control noise, got a new wd hard drive with less vibrations, and everything turned out great.
Now all I hear is this more loud than should be fan motor sound/ heavy air flow sound comming from me psu.
It never did this at first, I would have me.

Now to the main point, is replacing the 140mm fan stupid? I dont care about any warrenty, I bought it off some guy who won it in some gaming competition. I can put my finger in the middle groves to slow it down, and wow this thing can be much quieter, but obviously with a probable lack of airflow.

I was thinking of replacing the fan with this one and attaching it to a fan controller somehow to slow it down to hopefully better airflow than mine with less noise

Its the one with 41.13dBA 104.54CFM

Would this work? Ive never opened a psu before so i have no idea what to expect
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  1. If you really must have a different fan installed in your excellent power supply atleast have Thermaltake carry out the procedure for you.

    I also wanted a more efficient and quiet fan installed and they were more than willing to do the job resulting in the warranty being continued due to their technitions carrying out the work.

    The fan already fitted i was told was possibly one of the best for this already superb power supply.

    you only have to listen to the near silent operation of this unit to realise how good it is, so if you really want to change that fan get Thermaltake to do the work for you and then atleast you know the job has been carried out correctly.
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