Are these temps about right for i7-920?

I'm using a cooler master sniper with total four fans (good airflow).
For the cpu, I'm using scythe mugen 2 with arctic silver 5.

I'm at 3.6 ghz right now, with 1.15 v vcore and 1.296 v uncore.

i'm getting around 40-37-35-35 (lowest is 33 for the cores other than the first one)

for idle, when my ambient is around 70 F. Load temps are around 80, after 5 hours of prime. (i think ambient was like 80 though)

Are these temps about right, or should I try reseating the cooler and re applyihng thermal grease?
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  1. those are mainstream temps
  2. Yes, those are fine temps for an i7, they heat a lot, so if you are used to, let's say, a Core 2 Duo you can think those are too high temps, but they are perfectly fine. If you had a stock cooler they would be much higher.
  3. da_park91 said:
    Load temps are around 80, after 5 hours of prime. (i think ambient was like 80 though)

    Intel's Thermal Specifications are shown in their Processor Spec Finder -

    Specs for all Core i7's are:

    Vcore Max 1.375
    Tcase Max (CPU temp) 68c
    Tjunction (Core temp) 73c

    Remember that Intel's thermal specification for desktop processors is defined as Tcase Max (CPU temp) NOT Tjunction Max (Core temp), which is a very common misconception among most users. The wording that Intel uses for their specifications are about as clear as mud, and hasn't been updated since the Pentium D era, which is why there continues to be so much confusion. Further, it doesn't help that Intel has been less than forthcoming with clarification.

    Also, keep in mind that there's a 5c gradient between CPU temperature and Core temperature, which is shown in the following Intel document - - so you always have to add 5c to their thermal specification to get the corresponding Core temperature.

    Intel's second, and very controversial thermal specification, Tjunction Max, (which is 100c for all i7's), applies to overtemp protection such as throttle and shutdown conditions. Any i7 Core temperature which exceeds 73c should be considered overtemp.

    Comp :sol:
  4. lol who follows spec? :lol:
  5. Those who don't want to see their processor degrade prematurely:
  6. Sorry kinda late on the reply,
    I've managed to lower the load temp to 65 degrees at 3.6 ghz.
    Idle temp is still 40~ :S
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