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Hi. I have a Computer running Xp Home and when i start it up it goes to the boot screen with five options( Safe mode.... Last known good config... and Ofcourse Start normally). Now selecting any of these options gets me to the Xp loading and Reboots. When i go into the booting options and Disable Automatic restart on system failure i get a bsod. I get the Bsod instead of a restart and its (STOP OXOOOOOO7B). I dont get the usual Inaccessible boot device wording after. Anyone know what options i have? I was thinking of running (Chkdsk /f) in recovery mode and (Fixmbr). I acquired this computer second hand (Used to be my sisters) So who knows if she had a virus and tried cleaning it up. ANy help is appreciated.
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  1. If you have the XP installation disk, try booting to the disk and do a repair install.

  2. Thanx for the reply. I did the repair install and it booted up but now i notice that this computer wont connect to the internet and when i try to enter the task manager( Both ways tried) It tells me the administrator disabled use? There is only one profile account on it? Lastly it states Vnue3xeg.dll can not be found when it gets to the desktop. Thanks again for the help
  3. Be sure the user account has administrator privelege. Control panel>user accounts. Be sure to go to the online product page and install the latest system drivers. The LAN chip can be updated from the manufacturer also if you know which chicp is on the MB.
  4. Yep it does. I'm thinking virus at the moment. I transferred kaspersky and Malware bytes to the comp by Cd. I was able to install MBytes but when i try to run it it will tell me that it cant find Mbam.exe. Kapersky wont even finish installing before it closes out.
  5. If you think you have a virus, run through the malware guide in my signature.

    However, if you recently acquired this computer, and don't have any personal docs on it, you may want to do a fresh format/install of windows.

  6. Repair installation can affect Administartive privileges one way or the other. If you can find MBAM.exe, double click it and see if that makes it run. If it won't and you have the sme problem with other exe files, go to http://www.dougknox.com and find his XP exe file fix - you can safely add that to your Registry without any problems.

    Also, go to http://www.combofix.org and thoroughly read the warnings and instuctions on how to run ComboFix. It will lead you to beepingcomputer.com for a download - read those instructions as well and then run the programme. Let it take all the time it needs to run - don't interrupt it at all. Please post the log back here afterwards.
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