Black screen of death with 4 gigs of ram

Hello i have been having this problem with my custom built computer. here are my specs maybe someone can help me.
680i lt mobo
750 watt ps
xfx 8600 video card
2 gigs of ocz pc6200 1 gb dual ch sli rdy ram
widnows xp 64bit

Ok now my computer will boot fine with 2-3 sticks in. I have tried all the ram they all work. But when i plug in my 4th stick my computer hangs up on a black screen during loading. All my drivers are up to date, and i am not a fan of overclocking anything in my system. I have read around and i thought it would not load due to my 32 bit system so i got windows 64 and reinstalled everything. Still nothing, its not the ram slot either it boots fine with 3 in. Please someone help me fix this =D
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  1. Make sure your voltage is correct for your ram, if your able to get into the bios. I had that issue when I got my 8GB, I had to up the voltage a bit, as the MB put it too low.
  2. RAM timmings also maybe, mobos dont allways pick them up corect - check with manufactura and that BIOS is showing the correct timmings.
  3. Might be worth having a dig around in the manual to make sure there are no nasty restrictions about different ram modules e.g. double sided/single sided etc. I'd hoped those dark days were well and truly past us till I ordered some extra memory for my mates core 2 duo board:-(

  4. Have you checked for any "knowen issues" with memory/mobo clashes with both manufacturers?
  5. Maybe check for an updated BIOS? I know some Asus boards needed a BIOS fix because of RAM trouble similar to what you've described.
  6. +1 for increasing the RAM voltage. This is a common problem. Also check RAM with MemTest86+
  7. Well i tried everything everyone said, and still nothing. I got the screen to start loading with 4 in after i changed the volt and timings but it stuck on that screen. I rebooted and bam back to the black screen. Pulled the card out stared at my machine for a minute and day dreamed of taking a bat to it.... I think i am going to have to chalk it up to a bad slot or a bad ram.
    lets say my slot if bad or something would it still boot same with the ram stick. Are these common problems with bad parts? Well thx everyone for all of your input =D. I might just buy a new board and some 2gig ram sticks who knows.
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