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Best Videocard for the Circumstances?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
August 17, 2008 4:53:18 AM

First post :D 

First off, I currently have the older 8800GTS 320, which annoys me a little as its just not good enough for me. I play cod4 and UT3 and I play competitively so I need quite high frame rates. Willing to spend a decent amount of money but no sli/xfire setups needed. I play at 1440x900 currently with no AA and settings down. I'd like that to change.

The first question is, will my Coolermaster 600W iGreen PSU handle a 4870? I've tried but cant for the life of me figure out whether the 2 six pin connectors are powerful enough together for one.

The second question is, is the 4870 as hot as people say it is? I already have the side of my case off to reduce heat, if I was to upgrade to this card, will it fry me? What are acceptable temperatures for such a card?

Third and final question :p 

I have an ASUS P5B, e6600 and 2GB 667 RAM. Will any of these be a major let down for the new card? I want to get the best performance possible. I was thinking of upgrading to an e8400 but am open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance :D 
August 17, 2008 5:34:03 AM

Really? My 9600 GT hits the 60hz redline at 1920x1200 in both those games. At 1440x900 your 8800GTS shouldn't be that much of a letdown.

Anyway, your supply can handle anything short of a GTX280, the heat is bad but can be quasi-fixed with a file mod, and your CPU is sufficient, your RAM could use a boost, though. Especially if you do get an E8x00.
August 17, 2008 6:15:47 AM

The 4870 actually tends to run cooler than the 4850, due to the fact that it's the same core, and it has a dual slot cooler on it. It could be a great choice for you. Nothing in that system should be a huge bottleneck, especially not for CoD4 and UT3.

Oh, and yes, your PSU is fine.
August 17, 2008 9:35:20 AM

Thanks for the help so far.

So I'm considering this card

But in researching the card it looks like there might be a problem. First of all there is this.

I then found this which indicates that it may just be a problem with FurMark not the card. I'm not an expert on these kinds of things and I do not overclock, is this an issue I need to worry about? I want to buy a card, plug it in, and have it working without having to change clocks or buying heat sinks etc. I don't mind if I have to change fan speeds and that kind of thing, as long as it is possible haha. Can anyone help me out with that?