Best Videocard for the Circumstances?

First post :D

First off, I currently have the older 8800GTS 320, which annoys me a little as its just not good enough for me. I play cod4 and UT3 and I play competitively so I need quite high frame rates. Willing to spend a decent amount of money but no sli/xfire setups needed. I play at 1440x900 currently with no AA and settings down. I'd like that to change.

The first question is, will my Coolermaster 600W iGreen PSU handle a 4870? I've tried but cant for the life of me figure out whether the 2 six pin connectors are powerful enough together for one.

The second question is, is the 4870 as hot as people say it is? I already have the side of my case off to reduce heat, if I was to upgrade to this card, will it fry me? What are acceptable temperatures for such a card?

Third and final question :P

I have an ASUS P5B, e6600 and 2GB 667 RAM. Will any of these be a major let down for the new card? I want to get the best performance possible. I was thinking of upgrading to an e8400 but am open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. Really? My 9600 GT hits the 60hz redline at 1920x1200 in both those games. At 1440x900 your 8800GTS shouldn't be that much of a letdown.

    Anyway, your supply can handle anything short of a GTX280, the heat is bad but can be quasi-fixed with a file mod, and your CPU is sufficient, your RAM could use a boost, though. Especially if you do get an E8x00.
  2. The 4870 actually tends to run cooler than the 4850, due to the fact that it's the same core, and it has a dual slot cooler on it. It could be a great choice for you. Nothing in that system should be a huge bottleneck, especially not for CoD4 and UT3.

    Oh, and yes, your PSU is fine.
  3. Thanks for the help so far.

    So I'm considering this card

    But in researching the card it looks like there might be a problem. First of all there is this.

    I then found this which indicates that it may just be a problem with FurMark not the card. I'm not an expert on these kinds of things and I do not overclock, is this an issue I need to worry about? I want to buy a card, plug it in, and have it working without having to change clocks or buying heat sinks etc. I don't mind if I have to change fan speeds and that kind of thing, as long as it is possible haha. Can anyone help me out with that?
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