Q6600 normal speeds temperatures

I got the feeling my Q6600 is a bit of a hothead I think...

The CPU temperature is 61 degrees when running Prime95, but looking at the individual core temps tell me....

Core 0 - 70C
Core 1 - 70C
Core 2 - 63C
Core 3 - 62C

I think that's a bit too hot...
This is all without any overclocks / higher voltages and the whole stuff. Also this is with the stock intel cooler. And I didn't use Arctic silver :sweat: ... I used some other cooling paste stuff I had lying around here..

What do you guys think?
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  1. You're fine. thats quite good for stock. normal computing (not prime 95), will never max out the processor like that and you would be fine, it will just be noisy. Replacing the thermal paste is not going to help as much as you hope for. Next time you have a few bucks buy a good cooler and you can move on from there. Good to go.
  2. Better question, what HSF are you using? Thermal Paste usually only = ~5C tops. Are you using the stock? Boo.

  3. Get the XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler with the XIGMATEK ACK-I7751 Retention Bracket, you won't regret it. Check for clearance, it is tall.
  4. I too say get an after market HSF.
    I like the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro great bang for buck.
    Or the Xigmatek HDT-S1284 and it's associated bracket.
    Better than the HDT-S1283.
    Also lower your ambient room temp.
  5. stop with the amd fan boy crap i like what every is better performance
  6. sorry wrong post
  7. Thanks for all the responses... I didn't use the stock thermal paste, just some other trash I had lying around here..

    And thanks for telling that it is not that bad.. But I think I'm going to replace the fan anyways.. I think it is way too noisy... The CPU fan is going with about 2300 RPM when I'm playing a game... and that makes quite a noise. I'll check out the cooler you recommended, Zorg. But dayum, that is one large cooler...

    And what did you mean with HSF, SnuffleKitty? I am using the stock Intel cooler and heatsink, just the complete package you get with the processor.
  8. HSF= Heat Sink (and) Fan

    A decent replacement HSF will drop your temperatures up to 20C for £15-£20
  9. man i have a quad core and my temperature its 40 degrees max and in a case complete closed down and with heat because i dont have air conditioned... you probably need to change your thermical compound because probably it melted and the copper from the heatsink is touching the processor and not getting the cooling do you need...
    i had a pentium d wich reach that temperature because of that what i explain... so buy the thermal compound artic silver that worth 6$ and getting rid of that temperature problem....
  10. I also have a Q6600 and have overclocked it to 3.0 and am getting some high temps when using Prime95


    Is it normal to get a difference of 10C between the two cores and is that too high as well. Am using a Zalman9700 HSF
  11. What are you using to measure those temps?

    Also, do you have the NT version or the copper deal? Either way, you have a good HSF (and a damn expensive one too). If we're talking about a 600mhz OC, I don't know, they do seem a tad high to me, but I've only just gotten a Q6600 myself, so what do I know?

  12. I have the NT one, am using speed fan to measure those temps, but a bit odd that this morning when turning on the PC this morning in a room about 15C speed fan said that case was 35C already.

    I thought that speed fan was meant to be accurate, or is it way off as can't see how after a minuit it would heat up the case 20C
  13. For Intel CPU's, use realtemp to get the "correct" temps; I believe Speedfan reads 5 degrees too high by default.

    There is usually a 2-7 degree diffrence between CPU's 0/1 and 2/3.
  14. Now I know that the Q6600 (and I'd assume all of the Intel Quad-cores) are dual-dual-cores, so I'm going to assume that if we look at the two dies [00][00] the two inner cores are going to be hotter than the two outer cores?

    I've run both speed fan and realtemp/coretemp as of this weekend, and their readouts are approximately identical; but in the future, just use realtemp/coretemp. It makes life easier. Regardless, that HSF is really amazing, we're talking about as good as it gets unless you go with a good HDT HSF (But the Zalman is still too expensive).

    As for the jump from 15-35C? Think about it mate. Your large room takes a while to heat up (unless you pour gasoline all over the place and light it up; Ha, ha ha, ha, ha). Your case is tiny! You have a cpu, and a gpu, and a psu, and your hdd(s), and your northbridge, and your southbridge, all pouring heat into your tiny little case. Airflow. In the front, out he back, throw in a couple 120(s) and you'll be in business.

  15. Thanks have tried realtemp and am getting 61C max under full load, but is that still not quite high when using a Zalman 9700 and a Cosmos 1000 case, also my 4870 will vent outside the case
  16. Well, I've always liked those dual-slot gpu cooling solutions (they take up more space; but at least all of that heat isn't being dumped into your case). So basically your case is amazing. It sits off the ground, pulls cool air through the bottom (1x120mm) and sends it out the top (2x120mm). The entire case is designed to dampen sound (padding that insulates sound but not heat), and the doors are lined with an airtight(ish) trim. You could throw a 120mm into that rear fan bay, but really, I don't think that you would notice much of a difference.

    What with your cases airflow, I might actually suggest that you orient the HSF in such a way that it's fan is blowing upwards.

    Something to consider about airflow: it doesn't matter how many fans you have; if your case is cluttered with cables/wires, it's going to get hot.

    Speedfan should be giving you an accurate reading on your your HS's F (Fan), check back with us, on whether or not it's scaling up when your cpu is under load (~1300rpm at load = bad).

  17. I just installed my Q6600 with an XX flow lapped water cooling block.

    Stock 2.4Ghz

    37C (no load)
    45C (load)

    Overclocked 3.0Ghz - I'm sort of conservative

    44C (no load)
    55C (load - using Memtest 86+ for 20 minutes)

    My home ambient temperature is about 24C (76 degrees).

    This is pretty good right? I have no idea.
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