CPUcool question: What is GC capt?

I'm currently O/C a old computer running on P5B dlx w/ E6400 @ 2.1GHz.
CPU T(C) is turning around 35C (it's 33.5C actually). As you can see everything look right and rdy for O/C process but there's a case name "GC Cart" indicating 87C.
I bet it's the NB, he was kinda hot last time I checked when I was changing the thermal compound (it was really dark and T of CPU was really HIGH [75C]).
Kind regards
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  1. Your post is kind of confusing. Download RealTemp and check your CPU temps.
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  3. OK, it seems to correspond with the "GPU" Temp on "Realtemp".
    Should I try to lower the GPU temp (86C actually) before O/C?
  4. ^86C is pretty hot.
  5. it's 88C actually. Seems to be going from ~85 to ~90.
    Is there anything I can do to lower this? Change the thermal compound as I did for my CPU?
  6. I'm really pleased by the results - I just cleaned my graphic card (wasn't that dusty) and the temperature dropped to 53-55C idle (I also increased fans speed). I also comprimed all the cables, so the airflow is better. Whatever, thank for your help.

    Do you know where I can get comprimed air cans?
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    ^ Microcenter, Staples, HomeDepot,etc.
  8. Thanks!
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