Question about raid 0 and Vraptor

I was wondering is the performance better with 2 7200 harddrives better than one vraptor? I mean will it be very noticeable? thanks in advance!
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  1. In the real world, no not really

    money better spent on SSD ....IMO
  2. RAID 0 can (for the right kind of workload) almost double the sequential transfer performance over a single disk - but it won't do much if anything to improve access times, and therefore random I/O performance really isn't any better.

    Since the big reason to buy a velociraptor is random I/O performance, putting them into a RAID 0 set doesn't really get you any more of what you're paying that premium for.

    To really improve random performance you're a lot better off spending the money on a solid state disk (SSD). You won't get the same capacity as a Velociraptor, but you'll get a huge performance improvement.
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