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Mid tower case that can house a 360 rad?

Last response: in Overclocking
September 1, 2009 12:59:47 PM

Just like the title says. I want to go watercooling and need a case for it. I've found two full-tower ones that I like (HAF 932 and Cosmos S), but they are huge... I have just 2 HDDs and one DVD writer and I'm not going to go crossfire/sli route, so I don't really need a full-tower. I want to watercool the GPU as well once the second gen of DX11 cards hits the market and I'm going to need a 360 rad for that.

So, is there any mid-tower big enough to house a 360 rad?
a b K Overclocking
September 1, 2009 5:45:40 PM

Get the haf 932 if you want to watercool... you are going to need the space....
September 1, 2009 6:12:14 PM

I would actually be leaning towards the Cosmos as I like its design, but still, it's a big bastard. Anyone knows a mid-tower for watercooling?
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a b K Overclocking
September 1, 2009 7:15:24 PM

Antec Nine Hundred Two

but after shipping charges you endup paying more or less what the haf costs.... IMO it would be a no-brainer to get the haf....

The Cosmos has flaws and the airflow is no where close to the haf 932.....
September 1, 2009 7:58:38 PM

Thanks for the replies, man. It looks like I'll have to get a bigger case then.
What do you mean by flaws? I've done a lot of research on the Cosmos and I never came across any review pointing out any serious flaws with this case. I don't really like the HAF, I'm a bit too old for that kind of design, lol.
a b K Overclocking
September 1, 2009 8:11:55 PM

Well nothing serious but it has for examples very sharp edges (hd cage), heavy, no fan on the side panel, etc.... some will call them minor flaws... I call them big flaws....

If you like the case overall I say go for it.....

September 1, 2009 10:55:37 PM

Just for the record: Cosmos S has a 200mm fan on the side panel. ;) 
a b K Overclocking
September 1, 2009 11:19:40 PM

yep you are 100% right and I am 100% wrong.....

I thought we were talking about this case :

and I still would be wrong again.... disregard my comment....hehe helping too many at the same time can severely impair ones ability to be 100% correct all the :pfff: 

Cosmos S..... Cosmos S...... Yes a hell of a case made my a hell of a company...