Network card touching heat pipe?

Hi, I was just wondering if it is ok that the end of my network card (in the first PCE-E slot), is touching I think the heatpipe going through my motherboard. If it is wondering if I should put something inbetween like rubber or paper or something. The heatpipe looks like it is made of copper.
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  1. Nah, you'll be ok. No harm to be feared. The heat that heatpipe will transfer should never be enough to cause damage. I wouldn't fret over it.
  2. Heat shouldn't be a problem. By all means if it makes you feel better just put some electrical tape over the edge of the card.
  3. DUCT TAPE! :pt1cable:

    Everything that goes wrong in the world can be fixed by either duct tape or WD-40:
    If it's not moving and it's supposed to, WD-40 it;
    if it's moving and it's not supposed to, duct tape it!
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