phenom X3 or Phenom X4


Im deciding if im going for X3 or X4, ofcourse people will say go for X4 but what im after is about the 780g built in videocard

My question is

Phenom x3 8450 + 780G = Phenom X4 9550 + 780G

Will 780G be better with X4 than X3

or 780 will perform the same
does Three or Four core affect 780g
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  1. For blu-ray playback and gaming it shouldn't matter which one you get.
  2. an x3 is a x4 with a faulty core.

    for the money going with an x4 is a better choice.

    as for dedicated graphics, i recommend a cheap video card

    its leaps and bounds ahead of dedicated at a very inexpensive price tag
  3. Well, from a performance standpoint if mainly interested in onboard graphics it prolly won't matter a whole lot. In this case the difference in triple core vs quad core performance would be insignificant in my opinion, although I have neither done such a test nor seen one to my recollection.

    The thing is, the 790G will provide good performance for everyday computing but any integrated solution will be lacking when it comes to games. So your performance bottleneck will be the onboard graphics.

    My recommendation: get a dual core as you will not see a "great" performance increase from adding cores. This is because there are still not a lot of applications that take advantage of the additional cores. And dual cores can be had at great speeds for a minimal investment. 50 to 80 dollars on newegg.

    If you are determined to get 3 or 4 cores, and money is not an issue go ahead and get the quad. You may regret not getting the quad a couple years down the road. If you do, consider dropping a 4670 card in there. You WILL see a huge performance difference between onbaord and a dedicated graphicd card.
  4. BTW, I would also recommend looking at the 790 chipset. Its a newer chipset with increased graphics performance, but it is not much more expensive. the 780g boards are running around 80 to 100US at the egg. The 790gx can be had for 100 dollars, with more performance options.
  5. Nice link. Looks like the X3 might be a great choice for htpc with a lower watt requirement.
  6. BTW, my 9850 phenom came with a great cooler with heatpipes and a quiet fan in a low profile config. I would assume the triple cores come with a simimlar hs.

    On new egg I just noticed the 9600 Quad core for $120. same 95W tdp as the X3 models.

    Its cheaper than the triple cores! I don't think you'll beat that deal on a quad core.
  7. yes im planning to put 4670 once i get bored with the onboard graphic card
    have anyone tried ATI 3300 for gaming
    how does it differ from 3200 in term of performance
  8. For gaming, current AMD offerings aren't very promising unless people paid a bit more to get 790GX and BE CPUs. New 8750BE with 790GX should do the trick. The stock cooler is by no means quiet, though, and don't even try overclock on it. Newer games such as Far Cry 2 will benefit from more cores.

    Despite their capability to run games, they still suck with any decent quality.

    Stock cooler sucks for 9850. It's too loud and not powerful enough, and that's number 1 reason I went with water cooling.

    If you are concerning energy usage, then I suggest you to take a look at nvidia chipset and video cards instead, since you're not look top-of-the-line cards and over-the-top performance.
  9. ok i decided to go for this setup

    AMD Phenom X4 9550 2.2Ghz Quad Core
    Gigabyte AMD780G AVGbLan/DDR2/PCI-E
    250GB Western Digital 7200rpm SATA
    2GB DDR2 800

    can a 500w generic PSU handle it?
    i read that DX11 will come next year so im just gonna wait for a card that support DX 11.

    so far biostar / redfox T790gX isnt available yet here in my country, but ias soon as its available ill replace my 780g with it . Hopefully 790gx will be available here next week before i purchase my final setup :kaola:

    So next year Q3 , ill purchase Enermax 535w TwinFan and RV870 ATI Videocard ^^
  10. Heh,yes,a generic 500W PSU will handle it.

    DX11 = DX10 in terms of compatibility,you could have the oldest DX10 card(8800 GTX) and it could still run Direct-X 11.

    Microsoft doesn't want people to get mad,and DX10 was bad enough with the switch to Vista and all,let alone having a useless high end graphics card.
  11. apparently, disabling one core on the phenom has all kinds of benefits. they overclock better (, use less power, generate less heat, etc. etc. etc. but, most bios' will allow you to disable cores anyway. so, you can get a phenom X4, disable a core, and it will act like an X3. then, when you need it (say for video rendering or for high powered graphics cards) then you can reactivate it.

    on the other hand, the X3's are ridiculously cheap compared to the X4's by about 33-50%. if you feel that you wouldn't ever reactivate the 4th core in the scenario above, then you should get the X3.
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