HD 4850 on Intel DG 965RY (PCIe x16)

Have been a Nvidia regular in the past but ,the HD 4850's look really inviting (for the price).

I am currently using 7900 GS on a Intel DG 965RY Mobo.

The Mobo box indicates PCI Express* x16.
I am confused as to weather 4850 will work on my mobo.

I read something about PCIe 2.0 , 1.0,1.0a and now am confused about the whole thing.

Will I see a "significant" improvement in IQ and Performance with a 4850 as compared to my 7900GS in games like Crysis/BioShock and CoD4?

I usually game at 1024*768.At these resolution's will it actually make sense to upgrade to a 4850?
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  1. The 7900 gs does not hold a candle to a 4850. I play Crysis on very high settings with 1440X900 resolution.

    The 4850 will work with any PCI express slot. My PCI Express slot is an x16 and it works great.

    I say go for it. You won't regret it.

    P.S. The 4850 uses about 275 watts at full load, so make sure your power supply can handle it.
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