Intel X25-M 80GB vs. Kingston SSDNow V-Series 80GB in Raid 0

I am currently ordering parts for a new build (Building 2 PCs/2K Each - Review/Advice) when a friend through a wrench in the machinery.

I was getting ready to order the Intel X25-m 80GB SSD when a friend told me to not spend the money on that and get two Kingston SSDNow V-Series and Raid 0 them. He said that it would be extremely fast and reliable. On a 1 to 1 basis, the Intel blows away the Kingston, but what about them in Raid 0?

The pros to the Kingston in Raid 0 is I would say a few dollars and they are in stock. The Intel is out of stock or if it is in stock, overpriced.

Any help would be greatly appreciative since I have my parts in the card and just waiting to hit the submit button.
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    The Intel is a better choice. The Kingston 64GB is a mediocre SSD (the good Kingstons are the 40GB and 80GB ones, which use an Intel controller).
  2. I was going to reply to my original that I started thinking about Raiding 0 the 40GB because of the Intel controller, but unfortunately the 40GBs are also out of stock till the end of the year like Intel. Talk about a bottle neck in my build.
  3. Found them at Amazon... Its a done deal... two Kingston SSDNow V Series 40 GB Solid State Drive SNV125-S2/40GB in Raid 0. In stock and don't have to wait till the end of the year for the Intel.
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