should i go for single channel 2gb or 1.5gb dual channel?

I have 3 memory slots taken, two 256mb ram sticks and one 512mb in dual channel mode in bios. should i go for twice the ram in single channel or 1.5gb in dual channel? this is going to be a upgrade to play far cry 2 and fallout 3 at smooth frame rates.

my main pc components are: pentium 4 3.0ghz, 1gb ram, 8600gt 256mb, and 350w power supply. crappy system i know

this is a memory upgrade only. please don't recommend anything else, I'm on a budget these games are $50 each
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  1. This article "everything you need to know about dual channel" will help
  2. Learn to use the search option this has been covered last week.
  3. thanks dirtmountain I guess dual channel is the best choice.
  4. What a crudtacular gaming experience that will be!
  5. ^+1. The 8600GT isn't really a gaming card. Mind less the P4.
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