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My PC stopped working last week. Is problem with motherboard and power supply. Maybe other parts. I took my two Hard Disk too a shop for a data recovery. They recover data for me onto two new hard disks. They told me that my two disks from which they recover files are ok though. Well I cannot access them and I want to copy information from them.

At a moment I am using my old PC. Is XP PC almost 5 years. When I try to connect my two hard drives or the two hard drives which have recovered information on them this PC does not recognize.

When they are connected for boot up the PC will not boot up. It will say there is no hard disk recognized. But also I have external hard disks and these will cause boot up to freeze if they are connected on power up (But if I connect them once windows is loaded is ok). So maybe is a problem with old hardware or XP?

When I connect internal hard disks to PC while windows is running it will cause a freezing. My mouse cursor will freeze maybe 10 seconds before moving to different location. That kind of freeze. this will stop when I disconnect hard drive.

Original hard drives on my XP PC do not have this problem. I have disconnect them and reconnect them with no freezings.

Well I am wondering how I can access my hard disks on my old PC without no freezings. Hard Disk with informations I want is installed Vista 64 Bit edition. Maybe this is problem? Maybe there is hard disk check I can disable so it does not try to boot Vista from hard disk? Maybe a special software for reading a hard disk. I want access only too raw files. Then when new PC is replaced I install hard disks back into it.

Although of the two hard disks I try to access one has Vista and other is only files with no operating system. I have same problems with both.

Please recommend me a solution. I am not so good with PC

I hope you can understand me

Thank you
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  1. It may be worthwhile to invest in a couple of external enclosures.
  2. Hello Buwish

    I have external hard drives. Is what you mean?
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