Wierd warnings after reseting cmos battery, help!

After I reset my cmos memory by taking out a battery for about 10 minutes i get these 2 warnings:
Cmos battery failure
Cmos checksum error
Cmos time not set

I fix the time and those errors never come back again, this is a new mbo so its highly unlikely that battery is dying.. but is there anything i should be conserned with?
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  1. when you take out the battery... it results in all settings going back to default. Thats the ol' standard message. if you had just used the jumper, you likely would have gotten the exact same message. Nothing is wrong, happy trails.
  2. CMOS battery failure- You did remove the battery, remember?
    CMOS chescksum error- there is nothing stored in the CMOS now because you took the battery out, remember?
    CMOS time not set- the time is now blank because once again, you took the battery out, remember?
  3. ^ :lol: Well said!

  4. thanks
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