Another 4870 gtx 260 thread...

Hey guys :hello:

I do apologize for another one of these threads, but i really do have a small kuffufle on my hands.

I can purchase the Powercolor 4870 with the Zerotherm cooler, for £182

But i can also get the Gainward gtx 260 for £164, considerably cheaper than the 4870.

Which one should i go for!? Tough decisions!

I would get both but that would be silly :bounce: :pt1cable:

Regards Alex
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  1. GTX260 There is not enough performance difference to really tell the difference in a real world situation, and I suspect the extra memory on a GTS260 may start to play a more importaint part in gameplay than the better memory speed of a HD4870 in times to come.

    And do n`t flame! I`m using a HD4870 and am well pleased with it!
  2. Thanks for the Reply,

    I game at 1440x900 with an e8400 @ 4.05 GHz if that makes a difference.

    The 4870 looks really nice with the custom cooler.

    I play more COD4 than i do crysis, you think that makes a difference ?
  3. Sorry for the DP,

    Seeing as im a going to get an x38 motherboard, i would think the 4870 would be the best bet right !?


  4. if your gonna CF in the future, sure why not

    but otherwise i wouldn't know... the zero therm cooler sounds good
  5. I'd say go with the 4870. More shader power, like 40% more give or take, and dispite less memory because of its architecture has better memory management over the 260. Unless there is a great deal in price go with the 4870.
  6. Hi there, I was also considering the Powercolor model. I did find this article about it having some issues though.

    After reading into it a bit more, I think it might just be the program and that card, take a look at this:

    Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  7. shader power means nothing[in this case], they perform on par with eachother in games, 4870 takes the lead in some games with a few nvidia enhanced exceptions [crysis]

    gtx260 does have ageia physx support....
  8. UT3 with the physics pack performs 180% faster on a 9800GTX than a 4850 or 70 cant remember...

    folding at home would also own on any nvidia cards... idk personally 2x8800GT FTW!!!! :P
  9. Thanks for all your reply's,

    Im not really looking for CF cos i game at 1440x900, CF would just be overkill.

    As ekcco was saying, the card has a bios glitch apparently... maybe they have fixed that now. nobody knows...

    But the gainward gtx 260 is considerably cheaper than the powercolor one, but it would be cool to have a 4870 with an x38 chipset...

    Any more opinions would be great :)

  10. HDR lighting will play a prominent role in future games. Shader power is important. Better memory management, and a higher over ocee on GDDR5 allows for alot of the memory difference in size. To me, its a close call. I think the 4870 will get much better over time, because of driver updating, and currently a hair faster. I also believe the 4870 is more forward looking, as it has havok, DX10.1 and the ability to do things like HDR lighting in superior ways. The G260 is more easily oceed, except the Gram, and trades blows at this time in most games. Tough call, great pricing on the G260 finally makes it worth while at its current price point. Thing is, there will soon be a 55nm refresh of this card, making it eol, and wont perform as well as the newer model. Also, at a lil over this price point, we will soon have the 4850x2, which will be superior to the G280, even at 55nm. This of course is MHO
  11. Very good thanks for that reply, ^

    I guess the way to go is the 4870... its sorta the latest technology :)

    Nut if i buy a gtx260 and oc the hell out of it, how will that stand up to a 4870...

    Doesnt really matter i guess, if everyone is telling me to go for the 4870.

    Althought the gtx 260 is £20 cheaper than the powercolor 4870 with the custom cooler, but the 4870 has a bios problem :(

    Thanks for all the replys :)
  12. I pulled the trigger and bought it. Arrives in 1-2 days if you are having concerns.
  13. Great stuff, ekcco, can you give me a review of how the card is after it arrives, im not gonna get mine for a week or so.... Would be very helpfull, also check for that bios glitch etc. regards!
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