Sound settings gone under Start menu-> Accessories-> Entertainment?

Hello everyone,

I am facing a rather peculiar problem. Sometime back I formatted my computer and was uninstalling the bloatware. By mistake I uninstalled some sound component also.

The thing is I have installed the drivers and get the sound as well. However it is low on max volume than what it should be. The settings to increase volume, wave, pc audio etc under start menu- > accessores -> Entertainment is gone and I dont see a single thing there.

Any idea what should I do to solve the issue? I have all the CD's if it is something I need to install.

Laptop- Dell XPS M1210

OS- Windows XP SP3


EDIT- Found the solution myself after some googling. Took the sndvol32.exe file from the XP cd and extracted it into windows/system32 folder. Now everything works well.

Mods can please close this thread. :)
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