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Been after a mouse for awhile now and I'm pretty uncertain which is best for me. I do a lot of gaming and also do CS3 Flash, so you can probably imagine I'm looking for good quality. My budget is £20 ($36).
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  1. Get a Logitech G5! (Bit old, but still a strong mouse)

    It's a bit on the expensive side but is really worth it. Or if you can spend a bit more a G9.

  2. I loves my G5 *strokes G5*
  3. Logitech mx400. Its exactly what a mouse should have and look like.

    3 front clicks. 2 side buttons. tilt wheel. laser. corded. perfect ergonomic shape.

    it has no additional useless buttons that no one wants and software is much better than that of its MS twin - ms intelliexlorer 4.0. Per button and per application setting in every possible combination. The driver works seamlessly in the background and doesnt take as much as 1% of CPU, unlike its first competitor that uses over 5%. MS 4.0 also cant remap tilt wheel buttons to whatever-the-heck-you-feel-like.

    Only pitfall (if you consider it that) is that its corded. There is a cordless almost identical mouse, also by logitech but i dont remember the numbers. It has extra zoom buttun, that I didnt like.. and its wireless- not good for gaming.

    G5 and other logitech mouse either lack one of the necesarry 5 buttons mx400 has, or have more that no one (should) want(s).

    It also cost less than g5- while being better in every imaginable way.
  4. I prefer the G5...
  5. I too have a G5 mouse and it works very well for games.
    HOwever, it took me a long time to get use to it. I wish I had looked at mice more in person rather than online. I tried someone's razor mouse and I liked it better.

    I'm not bashing the G5, it's an awesome mouse, but try to at least test them in person before you buy.

    I've looked at the razor mice and those are something to consider too.
    I would have to agree that if you are gaming that a wired mouse is a good idea. Especially with FPS games. My wireless mouse is jumpy enough that I'm sure it would stink in gaming.

    good luck!
  6. never had any problems with wireless mice and gaming,and i am strictly an fps gamer,currently running,frontlines:fuel of war,oblivion,red mercury,dark messiah,,and a couple of others that i can not remember,
    present rat is the logitech mx610,soon to be replaced by the mx1100,
    as all current rats are painful to use after a while due to improper support of right side of the hand,
    had some bones broken there a few years ago..:)
  7. I bought the Logitech MX518 :P
  8. really, the best thing you can do is go to the shop and try as many qas possible and see whihc one fit your hand the best, i see the logitechs get a lot of love, howevr i personally cant stand em as i have big hands, so i pitted with the mcrosoft habu, which was made by razor which generally makes bigger mice.

    it is all a matter of peference.

    just a few thing to bare in mind, one of which, is get a wired mouse, i personally have no time wireless, they use loads of batteries, alway lose connection, from what i h\ve used in the past, and the actual mouse, is never as good as the wired mouse from the same company kn the same price bracket.

    to add, make sure it is a lazer or that new MS blue mouse thingy, it pays to buy the latest technology.
  9. played around with quite a few of the newer mice but i like the G5 i have now, its not too expensive and feels nice in my hand.

    the customisable weight tray is a nice feature.
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