Question on switching between two mouses

I recently bought and installed a wireless mouse.
It works well with everything except for gaming.

Can I easily switch between the two (wired and wireless) at any time without any problems ?

I don't want to try it though because I'm afraid it might screw up the drivers or the optical sensor when I want to go back to my wireless.

Note: I have never installed the old mouse's driver before (the wired one).
Only the drivers for the wireless are installed.

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  1. Never plug in or unplug a mouse connected to a PS1 connector while the system is running. A second mouse is fine to plug in at anytime as long as it is USB. Installing the driver for the second wired mouse should be fine, the sytem will install the driver when you plug the mouse in to the USB connector.
  2. Alright, it works.

    They're both Microsoft mouses and both of them uses the Intellipoint drivers.

    Does that mean I should install it twice ?
    (it asks me which mouse to install each time)
  3. With both being intellipoint drivers, I'm not sure. You can download and install MS latest intellipoint drivers here. Plug in the USB mouse when you install the latest driver.
  4. If you open your Device Manager and check the driver version of each mouse and they are both using the MS Intelipoint driver you already have installed, perhaps both would use a later version of the intellipoint driver you may install. If the new USB wired mouse is not using the same Intellipoint driver as the wireless mouse with driver already installed, I don't know. Two Intellipoint drivers for two different products may cause a problem. You can always uninstall any driver you load up from the Device manager or the Add/Remove programs.
  5. Didn't install it yet, but they are both indeed using the same driver version.

    Although now my wired mouse (mouse wheel optical) has scrolling problem.
    I'll try installing Intellipoint a second time with both mouse on.
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