Need help configuring New system (n00b)

Hello folks of tom's hardware!!1

I've recently been in great need of a desktop computer. After weeks of desperate researching and endless pricing comparissons, I decided that building my own pc was the best way to go.

Here are my specs

-Pretty generic case (came with an atx12v 450w raidmax psu---yes yes i know i know)
-Q6600 intel cpu-<stock fan/heatsink>
-Asus p5q mobo
-ocz plat xtc kit (ddr2 800 mhz, 4096mb)
-Sapphire Radeon 4850hd 512mb vid card
-seagate barracuda 7200.11 500gb hdd
-An LG super multi dvd rewriter
-....32-bit vista home premium

Ok so I spent about 7 hours yesterday carefully assembling my system (scared to death to tell you the truth) and i'm happy to say that in my bios all my of my components are showing up with the exception of my video card (i'm assuming because this only will be detected by my system once the proper drivers are installed) and the LG OD.

I have a few little problems though and I'm wondering if you guys would kindly be able to give me some insight.

-First i'm not to sure what exactly I should be setting up in my bios for my system to run correctly. I changed my primary boot device to my HDD and that's about it. When I try to run vista from my optical drive I get the message "reboot and select proper boot device
or insert boot media in selected boot device"... I'm not sure what or why....(for reference i used an HDD cable that asus provided to connect the LG optical drive to the ide port on my motherboard)

-When I power up my system it runs for 4-5 seconds (no monitor response), shuts down, then turns on again and runs (monitor responds).

-My chassis front LEDs (power/reset) aren't lighting up (i used the q-connector that comes with the p5q

So that's pretty much it. I'm not expecting a full run through of everything, just some direction.

thanks in advance. :D

(sorry if i'm in the wrong subsection)
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  1. Well.. you probobly set the boot device to the HDD first priority. You need to make it like

    1. Floppy
    2. CD Drive
    3. Hard Drive

    That way your vista boot disc will kick in.

    The fact that it turns on and off and on again worries me... It shouldnt do that unless you just changed the bios settings.
  2. Thanks for the quick response n.w.n

    I did as you instructed and changed the order of the boot devices. Certainly this is the proper order, but no luck in actually loading vista.

    As for the power-up, i'm having issues like the monitor not getting a response at all sometimes. My monitor is hooked up to my video card atm.
  3. -First go to the bios and change all settings to default,
    then go check the boot-up priority.
    -After that exit the bios, save changes.
    -The system should ask you to press any button in order
    to boot up from disc(vista)
    after that it's just waiting and picking partitions(virtual parts of HDD)
    and choosing to install the OS on chosen partition.

    if you're getting those black out's then....

    re-check few times all the parts and how you assembled them.
    make sure that mobo isn't touching the case.
    recheck ur cpu and fan (how much pasta is there on)
    and so on....

    I would advise you to ask someone who assembled PC's before(many times, not once) to check it out...
    I know troubleshoting first build is really frustrating... hang in there!

    btw. don't mess around in the bios, it's not necessary.. :P yet.
  4. Ok cool.

    Earlier this morning i reinstalled my heatsink as the first time i had it on it was backwards (sighs).

    I checked to see if the paste had disolved so to speak (as the q6600 stock fan/sink has three strips of thermal paste applied on it) and it generally covered 80 percent of the sink and the cpu. in a circular fashion

    One thing i'd like to add is that my cd drive didnt come with any cables (this sounds incredibly noobish) so i used the ones that asus provided. It was labeled as an HDD cable.

    I really don't know if there is a difference between an hdd cable and an ide cable. I'm hoping i don't have to get one XD.
  5. i know it may be tedious but have you followed the ASUS setup infomation in the booklet you get with your MOBO.

    tells you step by step in how to setup your computerand adjust the BIOS.
  6. If your LG super multi dvd rewriter is not recognized in the BIOS, it will not load your new operating system.

    In one post, you wrote that you have an LG DVD Rewriter and your post about the cable mentioned CD Drive. If you have one or both, check the jumper settings on the back of the drive(s) and set
    them accordingly.
  7. No that's my only drive sorry for any confusion.

    My bios are detecting the LG DVD R, it's listed as atapi cd-drive it's first in my boot sequence (as i have no floppy drive) and my sata 500gb seagate barracuda is listed as second.

    I'm thinking maybe i need to change the jumper from slave to master if anything...although i don't think the drive would come factory configured slave....then again....we'll find out

    (thanks for all the help everyone)
  8. Ok so after alot of tedious troubleshooting and adjusting, i'm very happy to say my system is now up and running.

    Building my own pc has been friggin awesome i must say.

    I'm having some cpu cooling issues however. At first my cpu was hitting 77-78c in bios so i went out and bought some artic silver 5. I dismounted the heatsink and scraped off the intel thermal paste...(more like rubbed off with some alchohol).

    I re-installed the fan/heatsink and installed speedfan in vista. My temps were kind of high <45,43,37,33> in idle. I installed serious sam (a pretty low end game) and I'm getting temps of about 55,53,50,49.

    I went out of the way to spread the artic silver 5 with a credit card to make sure everything was well applied and even. The heatsink is properlly mounted and doesn't wobble or anything.

    My question is, should I ditch the intel stock fan/heatsink and buy a better one, or is there a period of breaking in before i can see some decent temperatures in my cpu???
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