8800gt sli or 8800gtx sli? on asus p5n-e sli

Hi all

just got a few questions answered there regarding my motherboard (asus p5n-e sli)

now im going to order a g-card soon with the intention of buying a second in a few weeks time to sli

I was wonder in regards to value for money and mainly preformance would I be ok gettin a 8800 gt oc and sli'ing that in a few weeks with a second 8800 gt oc

or would I be better gettin a 8800gtx and then buying the second in a few weeks also to sli them??

I am not really that bothered about 1 or 2 fps difference if it means a silly amount of money extra for the 8800gtx's

but would there be a big difference between 2 8800gt oc and 2x 8800gtx

here is the 8800 gt's oc im interested in


and here is the other option the 8800gtx's


many thanks people
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  1. The GT's are faster than than the GTX's, and cheaper, weird but true.
  2. The GTX set up would give you the edge if you are planning to play at insane resolutions as they have more memory bandwidth than the GTs. But as mousemonkey says teh GT's are faster and a good bit cheaper. Also the GTX set up would use more power than the GT set up.

    Mactronix :)
  3. cheers Mactronix and mouse monkey

    think i might go for the 9800gtx setup, might as well seen as there not super ridiculiously price like the 280's lol

    thanks again peeps
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