P35-DS3L Freezes and reboots- Bad Motherboard?

Hello, this is my first post of tom's hardware.

I am having a problem with random crashes, freezes, and reboots.
I have a E7200. When i first got it i ran it at 3.2 ghz with 400 fsb and 8 multiplier with 1.16 volts. worked really good for a long time and then my started to crash and/or freeze and reboot. So then i tried 3.16 ghz with the same voltage. 333 fsb and 9.5 multiplier. Worked for a little while and the same thing kept happening. I ran memtest for 2 hours with no problems. I replaced my 7600gt with 9800 gtx and i still have these problems. My psu has good voltages. 12V running at 12.13. and 3.3V running at at 3.38V
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  1. Try running MemTest overnight on one stick at a time; sure sounds like a stick degrading to me...
  2. ok, i ran each stick for 7 hrs and no errors, anyway the ram wasn't overclocked at all. I always run the ram at normal speed, normal timings, and stock voltage
  3. Whose ram, & how big are the sticks? (Gotta hunch...)
  4. Red G Skill 2X1 GB kit. 5-5-5-15 timings
  5. Ahh - no joy; I was guessing Corsairs (known problem); will dig a bit & get back to you soon...
  6. Thanks, i appreciate it. I have really given up on this mobo. I just purchased the EP45-UD3P and i have my E7200 running 4 GHz. I gave the DS3L to my uncle and he is doing great with his e2180 at 3.2 ghz. Maby the modo just didnt like wolfdale?
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