help plz...very low fps on new hd4850

I was *trying* to play Medal of Honour Airborne (at 1024x768...ya ya, got an old monitor for now) and the gameplay was so damn choppy that its really put me hardly manages 3 fps!!

my current rig is:

Pentium Dual core (pentium D 805) 2.66 ghz OC'd to 2.8 ghz
Asus p5ld2-vm m.board
4gb ddr2 ram (though only 3.2gb is usable)
120gb barracuda 7200.7 Hdd
(asus) radeon HD4850
Coolermaster 520W PSU
Running win Vista ultimate x86 SP1

also got a firewire card, sony dvd-rw drive and some bits here n there...
got the lastest catalyst drivers and all other drivers...

other users on the internet are reporting 80+ fps in this particular game. even crysis will manage 20+ on high res. anyone suggest whats causing the oh-so-choppy gameplay?
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  1. try to reinstall drivers.
  2. Run GPUZ and list idle and load temps please. It could also be your power supply because coolermaster is not a good brand. (scan for artifacts to measure the load temps)
  3. Use CPU-z/GPU-z to make sure the card is running 16x and not 1x.

    Run 3dmark 06 and post the individual scores so we know where the pc is having issues.
  4. wat about other games......are they having same problem
  5. I tried tomb raider Aniversary. It was runing fine. im guessing its not much of a system hog...

    NFS Prostreet is running just about the same way

    heres what gpu-z says:

    its definitely running pci-e at x16

    will post 3dmark 06 marks IF i get past its startup screen which just stays there for ever.
  6. I'm guessing not enough power. Pentium D's were hogs.
  7. You could be running a CPU-bound game and the Pentium D is failing you. It is a piece of crap after all.

    Or it could be as some people here say and you simply don't have a good enough power supply. 450W is minimum for HD 4850 I think, but I'd go with a quality 500W.

    Also reinstall drivers and maybe even reinstall the game.
  8. heres my 3dmark score if it opens up properly. dunno why its so low...;jsessionid=BBB13CC26BA318DED13647DB22E1B073
  9. I checked my 3D Mark 06 score for my CPU which is only 800 ish. The same cpu (pentium D 805) is reported by THG to score 1155 marks.
    Any idea why?
  10. If TR and NFS run fine but MOH plays so poorly, I would suspect a software rather than a hardware problem.
    As others have posted; reinstall your video card drivers and remember to use a driver cleaner (Google it) to make sure all the previous drivers
    and their cr** is removed.
    Try reinstalling the game and patching it so it`s up to date. Check its configuration, audio or graphics options can have a negative effect if set incorrectly.
    If you are playing online, check your connection speed and that your version of the game is compatable with the server/s you are using.

    On the hardware side, when was the last time you cleaned the CPU cooler? Dust gets in, clogs the cooling fins and overheats the processor causing it to slow down, a situation which will be made more serious by your overclock and may explain your low CPU score in 3D Mark. You might also want to check the PSU, they get clogged with fur (I`ve 4 cats) and dust as well and will also overheat and lose performance as a result.
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