How hot can a 8600GT get before I should stop using it?


Currently using an Asus 8600Gt piece of rubbish graphics card lol. Woke up this morning to an awful groaning noise. After playing the elimination game with fans I found that my graphics card was the culprit, the fan that is. Anyway its idling at 65 degrees and when i play a simple game like CS:S it goes up to 85 to 95. Is this safe to run for a couple of months till my huge upgrade rig? I know the latest graphics cards can run really hot but this is a simple 8600 GT, not sure if it can handle it =P.

I particularly don't want to waste money on buying a card atm, even a replacement, but if I have too I will.

Your thoughts much appreciative =P.

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  1. Same as my 8600...should be fine for a bit, but I would check something more demanding to make sure it doesn't get much beyond that...
  2. I would get a cooler for your video card that can be attached to a newer video card when you decide to upgrade.

    My preferred choice would be the ARCTIC COOLING ACCELERO S1 Rev 2.

    It is a tall heatsink that adds about 2 inches to the height of the card so you must check to see if you case is tall enough for it. It is a passive cooler (no fan) and while the Radeon HD 4850 / 4870 video cards are not listed officially, user reviews do mention that it is definitely compatible.

    If you decide that the temperature is too high you can buy the fan attachment:

    Or simply attach a 120mm fan using those plastic wire ties.

    My 9600GT is cooled by the Accelero S2 (2 heatpipes vs. 4 heatpipes in the S1).
  3. It's also compatible with the nVidia 9800GTX, but there is no user review that states it is compatible with the 260 / 280 video cards. So if nVidia's latest and greatest is on your shopping list, then avoid this card since it is most likely not compatible.
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