Need Help that will determine my life

hi every one my name is Ahmed - I am living in Arkansas USA - 19 years old
Current I am taking associate degree in Software Development and
I am enjoying learning .net languages , SQL server ,...etc

Here is the problem --> I do not know what kind of bachelor degree i can have - i do not mind traveling to the west or east of the country to continue my education - but my problem is knowing what kind of degree that is compatible with my associate degree.

I kept searching on near colleges like University of Arkansas and Arkansas Tech University but all of their courses are unlike what I am learning

here is the degree I am aiming to get!userfiles/files/Academics_Programs/Degree_Plans/10-11/aas_it_soft_dev_f10.pdf

here is the college i am in -->

so please I need assistance :cry:

Thank you for reading my request and assisting me :bounce: :)
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  1. Please people I am waiting for an answer to it I forgot to say that for object oriented programming we are using C# and for databases we are using Microsoft SQL server
    So Please help is need in this - I was not that pro about computers - in fact i had to wait for a whole one month so that one of my friends could be free to come and install it - i felt a bit geeky so i decided to have my major in it so i need real assistance here
  2. MIT Tech will have what you're looking for.
  3. Let me see if I understand this. You can get an AA focusing on .NET programming, but can't find a BA program that does?

    I am in the same boat. I have searched for education that focuses on .NET and have come up empty. Colleges that offer CS degrees don't focus on .NET (or any Microsoft specific product). Their programs are more general and seem to use more generic tools, like C++ or Java.

    I am in California and have looked at UCSC and Berkely's programs. Many .NET jobs want someone with a BA in CS, math, or engineering (or equivalnet job experience). A BA degree from a university requires you to take advanced math, even though you would never use it in .NET or any kind of business programming. There doesn't seem to be a program that focuses on business programming.

    So, if you want a BA in CS you gotta take the program they offer and learn C#, ASP.NET, and related internet technologies yourself. In general, this is not bad, because if you get that BA, you will have demonstrated a solid understanding of the basic concepts of computer programming that carry over to any specific platform and languages you end up using on a job.

    For .NET (application or internet) programming, I think an AA is enough, and you could try and get your first job. Once you have real job experience, the educational experience is not very relevant.

    But, the hard part is getting that first job. Good luck.
  4. Ty guys for helping - I appreciate your consideration - and help and I am sorry for late reply - I heard Fedex was looking programmers and when i applied my CV they told me they were searching for people with bachelor degree so I think I will take with your advice and search for it in MIT - Thank you again and I am really sorry but I had a full weekend in college
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