Wireless and wired networking at the same time

how can i make a network of both wireless and wired at the same time
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  1. Hi, please can you provide more details such as what the network will be for, is it peer to peer or server based. In its most basic sense a home router can provide both a combined wired and wireless network at the same time.
  2. Get a wireless router which has both wired ports and wireless.
  3. I think he wants to have a wireless and wired connection from 1 pc at the same time. Now I believe the only way this can be done, is if you use load balancing. Your not going to double your network speed, but simply share the workload across 2 network cards.
  4. just get a wireless routher with wired ports, you can even connect it to an existing wireless router if you have one.
    Connecting wireless and wired at the same time to the same network is usellles, the sincronisation of different speeds and acces times is demanding, so in the end it will end up using only one connection.
  5. just plug the wired in, and connect to wireless, but others have said there's not much point, I find that if my Gb connection to my server is being used then my internet connection uses wireless as its a long way away from my server on the network. But for most configurations i don't imagine there is a lot of benefit.
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