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hi guys, i am having problem with my athlon 5000 x2.
When i use stock cooler along with it, my pc freezes, reboots, don't display POST. tried changing the thermal compound. After that, it worked without any problems for a month. then again, have same problem. My room temp is around 30-33 degrees at noon. i decided to replace the compound, clean it with alcohol 70% i don't know where to look for 90%. I used small amount, like 2 grains of rice. didn't spead it but put the sink to do the job for me, then monitor my temps.(around 45 my computer freezes,reboots) decided to change it again. it goes around 60-64 degrees wihout dying. but since i play COD4, when map changes, it will freeze again.

Got pissed off, got not enough resources to purchase high end cooler so I end up buying G power Lite by gigabyte. put paste small amount and put sink.still have same problem. Im so desperate, I removed all the compound and now my system rund 52 FULL load. I don't know how to conclude with this situation and right now my cpu doesn't have thermal compound. did i put a small amount? because when I remove the sink, the edges of the processor and cooler, you can see it was enough.

with the old heatsink with thermal compund, when i touch it, it is really hot. and now with the new one, without termal compund, can't even almost feel it is hot. is the heat transferred? or does it dissipate that fast. and i no longer have the problems as of now.
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  1. 52 on load seems fine to me, what's the problem?
  2. thing is, no compound at all..if its sunny day, about 57 degrees. is the heat transferred correctly, cause not too hot for the sink.
  3. I think his main point is that his temps are lower when he isn't using the compound, his computer gets unstable when there IS compound.
  4. Well, thermal compound is not going to help the heat dissipate from the heatsink any faster, it just facilitates the thermal conductivity between the CPU and the heatsink. I would say that a heatsink being cold to the touch would indicate that there is not much heat being removed from the processor, so it should really be running much hotter not colder.
  5. well yeah... and why is that?
  6. and why was it before that its too hot to touch, software indicates 45 degrees but then unstable?
  7. Sounds more like a problem with memory or HD, CPU shouldn't have a problem until 70C or more. Run Memtest86 overnight, Could also be PSU, what make/model?

  8. no that doesn't make sense mike... why would no thermal paste make the psu perform better :O

    i think you must be applying too much. can you take a pic of how much you put on? or you cbs... 52 seems pretty nice for no paste though! wow
  9. Or perhaps.... You're also applying the thermal paste in the socket as well? Just a double check. =)

    Or usually you're applying too much. Just a drop like amount would be enough.
  10. well it's more than a drop,hmmm i have replaced my PSU got 550W NEC winpower now, had one before,thinking that was the problem but not. my memory has been tested in other computer for 2 days without having a problem.yeah it is my cpu. because when i remove the paste, working fine for 48 hours playing for 3 hours. got no bluetooth to transfer the pic,
    Got local thermal compound.

    what do you mean socket stridervm?....my idle temps hit 35 even its morning.before it is around 40-44 and that has thermal compound.

    or could it be too little for like 2 grain of rice uncooked?
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