hey i just built a pc with a p5q mobo core 2 extreme OCZ Platinum 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel ati radeon 4650 /300 gig wd hd i first put in windows 7 64 bit
with some over clocking on the graphics card i was getting a 7.2 windows rateing now when my wife was playing 2 moons a game online she would get a big lag spike here and there i think win 7 has a memory leak anyways or the key gen i used had a bug but i went with vista 64 bit now even overclocking the vidio card best rateing i get is 5.6 how far do you think i could over clock the cpu in bios?
i got the huge extreme cpu fan and a plexieglass case with 3 extra fans i order another 4 gigs of the same ram not here yet any suggestions this is my first build from scratch i dont want to over do it
thanks Brian
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  1. I think the highest score you can get in win7 is 7.9 while in Vista its 5.9 so youre not far off maximum.

    I was getting lag spikes on my p5q pro in win7(using vista driver) and Vista as well, I assumed the driver was buggy but since Im using XP everyday and it works perfect I wasnt really that bothered with it.

    4gb of ram is plenty, but since you have ordered another 4gb...

    As for CPU overclocking, use google and see other peoples results
  2. i get the lag spikes in vista64 bit as well same as in win 7 /64 bit i found a copy of xp 64 bit i was gonna try but what about the sata drivers ?? the last time i tried to put xp in a vista laptop i had a awfull time with the sata drivers i tried to slipstream onto a new disk no go i tried the f6 thing nothing worked right this copy says it has sata drivers in it do you think it will go right through or will i have to hit f6 and load them first it runs perfect with vista 32 bit i dont get it and it only acts up on a 3d game my wife plays 2 moons wich doesnt act up on vista 32 bit at all its a brand new graphics card brand new ram brand new board every thing is new except the core 2 extreem chip i thought the chip might be blinky but it hasent even gotton warm on me yet i did notice the ram a tadd warm maybe a bad ram chip ? when the new ram gets here im gonna swap them out and see if they run around the same temp its really pissing me off i built this thing just to have a 64 bit os any input you have would really be appreciated thanks
  3. Im having real hard time reading your posts, try to divide them into sentences, ok?

    Ive seen few people having trouble with drivers when trying to downgrade their OS from vista to xp, so that might have been the case(as the laptop had vista preinstalled). Since I started using XP pro with Service Pack2 I never had to slipstream sata drivers. By "acting up" do you mean those lag spikes? And if they are not present in 32bit vista than maybe the network driver for the 64bit systems is messed up, but I dont use those so Im afraid I cant help you much here. Try posting in OS section of the forum or even on Asus website, maybe someone knows the solution. It seems to me that its not a hardware problem

    Ram will always be a bit warm when powered, thats normal.
  4. ok i will do thank you very much
  5. Youre welcome
  6. it isnt the network drivers either i used a belkin wireless card i had a nice one with 3 antenna,s and the same thing it has to be something with the 64 bit os and this game is all i can figure .i even was suggest to go in bios and lower the ram speed to 800 no go .so i put windows 7 64 bit back and it works fine for everything else with ethernet or wireless and im really happy with the system for my first build from scratch 630 w psu asus p5q board quad core 8 gigs ocz 1066 radeon 4650 graphics card other than this 1 game my wife plays so i partition the hard drive and installed vista 32 bit just for her game and it works fine the only thing i didnt get was 2 pci e slots so i could do the crossfire set up but
    o well next time i will read the specs closer before i order . I will be buying another wd hard drive and try the raid set up but thanks for your input Brian
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