Need Help Deciding 8800GT VS. 9600GT Question

PNY 9600GT [] $114.99 with frontlines game

PNY 8800GT [] $119.99 with frontlines game

XFX 8800GT [] This is $134.99 with a $20 rebate. the PNY 8800GT one is cheaper but this comes with COD4 instead of frontlines so if there is not a performance difference betwenn this and the PNY 8800GT ill go with the PNY one

Im building a new computer and im having a tough time choosen between these 3 video cards. I like to play FPS games like COD4 and MMO's like LOTRO all on the highest settings. Im also planning to go SLI later down the road. Here is a link to the monitor im going to be using []

my system specs are a e7200 CPU, 4GB ram, a 320 GB hitachi hard drive, MSI 750i MOBO, and im using a samsung 22 inch 1680x1050
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  1. +1 for 8800GT.
  2. Oh and incase it makes a difference im using vista business 32 bit
  3. +1 for 8800GT.

    I understand that Frontlines is even more demanding than Crysis, so be prepared to get the second video card soon.
  4. If you can afford a 4850 that would be the best choice, but out of the three card's I would go with the PNY 8800gt
  5. gogamer2007 said:
    Oh and in case it makes a difference im using vista business 32 bit

    I assume you have a good reason for it. Because it's 32-bit, your system will only see about 3.5 GB with an 8800GT. With two of them, probably 2.75GB to 3.25GB, I don't know. Try to get a 64-bit OS at some point.

    Edit: I wanted to mention the HD 4850 too, but then I saw your SLI motherboard. Nah, you're better off with two 8800GT than with a single HD 4850. The HD 4850 can give you more performance than one 8800GT but you can't add a second card later if you go that way.
    Make sure you choose a PSU that supports two 8800GT cards. There's a PC Power & Cooling 610W for $80 at newegg for example, or a 650TX for $90.
  6. actually im glad you mentioned the PSU aevm. I was planning on using a 500w antec PSU for $39.99 will that be enough. Im on a tight budget and id rather not spend more on the PSU unless i really need too. Also i got the 32 bit OS cheap on craigslist later on ill upgrade to 64 bit

    heres the link to the PSU I was going to get []
  7. The 500watt antec is enough for 1 8800gt, but not for 2 in SLI. As for upgrading to a 64 bit OS, you can save that for later.
  8. ok like i said right now im on a tight budget but if say 6 months down the road i choose to get SLI i can buy a new PSU that supports that right? Also im really sorry for all the questions guys this is the first computer im going to build and im really nervous
  9. +1 for 8800GT
  10. Dont feel bad for asking questions, its what forums are made for :D

    Yes you can upgrade your PSU later to one that will be able to handle dual 8800t's, but 6 months down the road it wouldnt be worth it.
    You figure:

    New PSU:100$
    Another 8800gt:80$(IF you can fine one 6 months from now)


    6 months from now, a new card will probably be out that would smoke dual 8800gt's for 180$, and you wouldnt have to upgrade your PSU.
  11. Ok im definatly going with the 8800GT and I will keep the 500w PSU because if I were to SLI it would have been about 6 months anyways so I guess I would be better off just buying a new card and I can keep the 500W. Thanks to everyone for all the help!!!
  12. Just make sure its a quality PSU, like Corsair, antec, PC Power and Cooling.

    And have fun with your build :D
  13. Here's a 600W PSU, if you want, for $45 after rebate and shipping. It's pretty good, and it will support two 8800GT cards. It has 2 PCI-E 6-pin connectors, which is all you need for 8800GT SLI.

    OCZ StealthXStream 600W
  14. ea500 is enough for 2 8800gt.
  15. +1 8800gt
  16. 1 vote for 8800 gt
  17. 8800GT
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