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I am now noticing my 7800GTX cannot run full settings on even older games with the new monitor (1900x1200) never mind the new ones with all high settings. I can get an old used 2nd card 7800GTX for SLI but that seems sort of silly for old tech. What should I do? HD4870 ?, GTX260? For a 24" monitor what a good upgrade from a 7800GTX single card? I got a silverstone 640 watt zeus PSU so I should have enough power.
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  1. It would be better if you could share some more about your rig (processor, MB, RAM) and what kind of games you're planning to play to get a better feeling on what to recommend.

    Most likely a 4870 would fit you best, but this is not the only option. Given your resolution, you might think on SLI (assuming that you have an SLI capable board). If you don't have an SLI/Crossfire board, you still can have a 9800GX2 or even the new 4870X2, depending on your pocket size.
  2. oops

    a8n sli deluxe
    185 opteron
    4 megs
    32bit xp, 64 bit vista ultimate
    650 silverstone zeus
    t240 monitor

    yeah the 4870 looks good, 9800GX2 i heard can have problems with my mobo, 4870X2 is the fastest single card on the planet.

    I play joint operations which is pretty old, sins of solar empire
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