Processor supports DDR3?

Why does Intel announce in their processor specs that a processor supports DDR3? I thought memory support depends entirely on chipset, not processor?
DDR3 works with a Celeron processor as long as you have a chipset that supports DDR3, correct?
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  1. pretty much yeah, as the memory controller is on the mobo, AMD's it does depend on the cpu as the controller in on the cpu chip
  2. If you are refering to the recent announcements about Nehalem, then Intel must announce what memory it supports because Nehalem has an IMC.

    In the traditional northbridge/front side bus deisgn, you are correct in that the memory support is determined by the chipset, not the cpu.
  3. Yup chunky is correct. Nehalem is a whole new bag o fun. Nehalem will also be the DDR2 killer since you will only be using DDR3 for it. So it is pretty important for Intel to stress that it is DDR3 RAM and not DDR2.
  4. Thanks.

    Where can I see a list of Intel's processors that are still in production?
    On they seem to list all processors made in the past few years. I need a list of only the ones still being made.
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