Accelero Twin Turbo for Radeon HD 4870??

I recently got a ASUS EAH4870 Radeon HD 4870. The air that is vented out the back of the card is so hot that it's almost painful when I hold my hand up to the back of the case. I've been looking for some aftermarket cooling solution for this card, and some have recommended the Accelero Twin Turbo to me. So here's a two part question:

First, has anyone actually tried out this product on an HD4870? Is it easy to install, and does it perform well? I know someone with an Accelero S1 Rev. 2 who had no issues installing it to a 3870, but I've read that it's insufficient in dealing with the HD4870's heat.

Secondly--and perhaps more importantly--where the heck can I actually buy an Accelero Twin Turbo in the US? Numerous reviews along with the website all claim that the product has been available on the market since early July, but I can't seem to find any online or local retailers that carry the item. Is it still vaporware?
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  1. Yes, it is compatible.

    Having said that, proper air flow for the rest of your computer is very important as well. Modern PC cases have idiotic air flow designs. I have an HD3870 and will be buying this card though I still think it would have been nice to create a design that still blew the air out the back instead of adding to the internal heat.

    I have a 120mm power supply fan, a 120mm CPU fan (large heatsink) and a 3rd 120mm fan. If in doubt read up on air flow.

    I'd be very surprised if the HD4870 X2 doesn't have overheating issues. Anyway the X2 model is the one that is not compatible with the Twin Turbo.
  2. Update:

    Sorry I didn't answer all your questions.

    1. Based on other reviews, the Twin Turbo is definitely the cooler you want to buy and will make a big difference in cooling. The other Arctic Cooling solution didn't cool all the chipsets. This one corrects all the issues.

    2. Availability is now. Sort of. I've been looking and NCIX just announced it's taking orders. There should be an initial shortage followed by plenty being available so I'm guessing 2 to 4 weeks if you order now or just phone a local PC store and see if they can get it in.

    not "buying this card"; I mean "buying this cooler"

    Why am I buying this cooler?
    I have an HD3870, however the fan makes a lot of noise when gaming. I don't recommend trying to overclock the HD4870.
  3. Want to buy it? To bad, it's not out yet lol :P

    I got confirmation by that it's supposedly comming out mid next week, good news for everyone, they ship to usa and canada, heres the link to the post i started...

    *Note* prices are in canadian dollars
  4. Thanks for the replies. I've called quite a few stores in the area, and none of them carry, or are able to order the Twin Turbo. Something about not holding an account with the vendor/distributor. Since NCIX will be carrying it next week, I'm guessing that other online retailers will see it added to their stock soon. I'll wait until I actually see it "in stock" somewhere before ordering it. I've had some really bad experiences with waiting for stocks to replenish from mail order sites.

    I was afraid that this product was a big practical joke, as every review site listed it as being available in July, but no on actually had it for sale. Thanks again for the info.

    And I agree with photonboy on the case designs point. My current case has numerous vents all over it. So it's really hard to create an airflow direction. I might need to buy 6 or so case fans, or just use a ton of duct tape.
  5. Ender5 said:
    I recently got a ASUS EAH4870 Radeon HD 4870. The air that is vented out the back of the card is so hot that it's almost painful when I hold my hand up to the back of the case...

    So let me get this straight, your motivation for buying an Accelero Twin Turbo is because you like to put your hand behind your case, and you don't want hot air out the back of your case you prefer it inside the case? Strange motivation. :heink:
  6. Ender5 said:
    I recently got a ASUS EAH4870 Radeon HD 4870. The air that is vented out the back of the card is so hot that it's almost painful when I hold my hand up to the back of the case.

    That's a good thing. All that heat coming out the back of the case is heat that is no longer either in your GPU core or in your computer.
  7. The Pro's and Con's:

    I really like the fact that the default design for the HD3870, HD4870 and others is to shove the air out the back thus reducing overall heat inside the case.

    In fact, if the stupid fan control system was better I wouldn't bother.

    The problem is that in the middle range (not at the top and not in idle) my fan starts spinning up quickly then down again every 1 to 3 seconds. It's very annoying.

    I'm looking forward to when the graphics section and main PC section are physically separate like expensive stereo system components. AMD is releasing an external card that will plug in to laptops but this is a start. What I want to see is an efficient onboard graphics solution, then a plugin (SLI/Crossfire capable) graphics unit which can be automatically turned on or off when not needed.

    Anyway, if I was building a PC today I'd probably get an NVidia "Hybrid SLI" system composed of 2x GTX280's and a compatible motherboard. The software (which still needs improvement) can turn off the cards COMPLETELY when not needed. Awesome. I'd couple that with the "Core i7 900 Extreme Edition" which is 4x3.2GHz and has amazing power efficiency.

    I'm a little off topic. Anyway, I think NVidia's solution of turning OFF the extra graphics cards makes much more sense than ATI's approach. Why concentrate on idle power efficiency when you can just turn the thing off? Anyway, I'm happy with my HD3870 and I'm not upgrading every year.

    Plus... there are some awesome upcoming games such as "Spore" and "Starcraft 2" (and eventually Diablo 3; X-Mas 2009?) that will run great on my system.
  8. I currently own a Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 and decided to purchase the Accelero Twin Turbo to keep it cool. You can get the twin turbo from for $44.95+shipping. I've ordered from this website in the past and never had any problems with them. The only problem I seem to have with the cooler is that the fans stop spinning after a while. Not sure why it does that, but I'm in contact with Arctic Cooling to see if we can resolve this issue.
  9. BTW i here the Akasa AK-VC03-BLUV Vortexx NEO is better and it still pushes the hot air out the back and its cheaper
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