GA-965P-S3 not running in dual channel?

I asked this as part of another thread, but I think I have the rest of the issues worked out. Anyway, mobo is running my memory in single channel. On top of that, it's only reading half of what's installed. 3GB total, 2X1GB sticks and 2X500MB sticks. If I pull the 2 500MB sticks, it still reads just 1.5GB. I can't for the life of me find anything in the bios to control it.

Anything to do with it running single channel, or are my fears correct and the mobo is bad?
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  1. First try the 2 512 mb sticks in the same slots you have the 1gigs in now.
    If it shows up as 1gig total you should be running dual chanel,and one of the 1gig sticks is bad.
    If the 2 512s shows up less than 1 gig(768) then something is wrong with your motherboard or memory slot.
  2. Ok, here's what happened. Placed the 512 sticks in the main slots, and it wouldn't post. Pulled the 2nd 512 stick, it booted and read the correct ram. Put the second stick back in, it booted and read the correct ram. So then I put both 1gb sticks in, it booted and is reading the full 3gb, and running in dual channel. She seems to be running as good as ever. Guess it's possible one of the sticks wasn't clicked in all the way.

    Kinda strange, but I'll just be happy that it's working. Now if I can salvage my old hard drive. Last time I booted to the OS on that drive, it told me the C drive was corrupt. Hopefully I can get the files off of it and reformat.

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