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I was wondering if someone can clear this up for me. I just finished building my 1st desktop pc ever yesterday. It's running quite well I should say. Everything is normal except I noticed my cursor is lagging. My first reaction was that "My wireless mouse must be interfering with the router." From what I remembered, it was a steady lag. About every 1/2 sec it would skip from one place to another whenever I moved my mouse. I went to Best Buy looking for a wired mouse, but hated all of them, plus I love the wireless one I still have. Instead of getting a wired mouse, I bought a dual band Netgear router. When I got home and hooked it up and all, it worked perfectly. Then probably an hour later, lag lag lag again. I messed around with the router settings quite a bit, but it's not worth it since disabling the 2.4 Ghz signal is useless. I couldn't connect to the router (and internet) when I disabled the 2.4 Ghz band.

After I got both bands up, I decided to try using an old wired mouse I had. It worked for a few minutes without lag, but it appears that wasn't the case either. So I ruled out the possibility of router interference. I tried updating all the mouse drivers, but it said it was already installed. I have also downloaded all the Windows 7 updates. There were 41 of them with a size of 114 MB. That didn't appear to help either. Right now, as I'm typing, it tends to lag every other minutes. I even disconnected the wireless connection and it doesn't appear to be the case.

Loading webpages is fast as ever. I have the desktop gadgets that monitor the CPU, Network, GPU, and Hard Drives. Plus, I have HWMonitor and CPU-Z (which I need to reinstall cause the disk icon is not the correct picture).

One more thing that is very important. After the new dual band router was hooked up, the lag with both wireless and wired mouse is different from the steady lag I mentioned before. It's more unpredictable in my opinion. I can't live with it certainly as I can't see where it's going and more time is wasted trying to pinpoint my cursor destination.

If anyone can help me, much appreciation to you. :D

- Slick
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  1. Please someone tell me how I can download more RAM.
  2. joeman42_43 said:
    Please someone tell me how I can download more RAM.

    What?! You can't download RAM.
  3. Never mind people. I'm just gonna buy a wired mouse and hope for the best. I didn't think about my neighbors that have routers. My wired mouse is working fine now. I dunno why though.
  4. Turn off router and tell me if u are still lagging.

    Might not be router problem at all. Bet u its not.

    I have had 3 wireless mouses and latest have no problem at all, non of them had. It is mostly drivers. I use windows drivers anyways. I got this mouse because its the most perfect fit in my palm.

    What kind of mouse u have???
  5. I will try that suggestion. I am using the Logitech M505 wireless mouse. Hope the URL works.
  6. It appears to work fine now. About an hour ago, my pc shut of randomly without warning. I'll just keep an eye on it and the wireless mouse of course. Thanks nikorr.

    I will post something if lagging or anything weird happens again.


  7. Turn off router and tell me if u are still lagging. Did u try that?

    Are u using windows driver? I would not. It sounds like driver conflict. I would uninstall and restart and than see if it went away.

    I had this one , but it was to small in my hands. It has new technology sensor, its precise, and has forward/back buttons(don't buy mouse without that if u will buy any).
  8. Yes, I tried my mouse with the router off. It didn't lag quite as much with the router on. But regardless, I feel as if were a laser tracking issue or bad drivers that can't be updated.

    Bottom line is, I am going to buy a wired mouse to 100% ensure I won't have any wireless issues again.

    Thanks a lot.
  9. Well, good luck than.
  10. Someone, please close this thread. I no longer have any questions. My dual-band router has solved the problem. Apparently, if I have the 2.4 Ghz only router hooked up, the "wired" mouse still lags. But as I said, I have 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands so I'm good.

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