What is the best card for me?

I am looking at upgrading my SoundBlaster Audigy SE to something a little better for music and games. I am trying to find a card that gives an equal balance. I play many games but also listen to a ton of music too. I am looking for an overall theatrical sound card that does the job but is cheap.

I am looking at these 2 cards but can't decide which is best: - Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Xtreme Audio 24BIT Sound Card 7.1


Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-FI Xtreme Gamer 24BIT Sound Card 7.1

So can someone explain which is the better card overall. The Gamer is 50$ more than the Audio but I need to know if it's worth it. Can someone fill me in on the cards?

I also see the Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium FATAL1TY PCI-E 1X 24BIT for a little more than the Gamer, but is that even worth considering? I'm sort of a nub when it comes to sound cards as I rarely pay any attention to them.

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  1. get the audio

    gamer isn't worth the x-tra (hehe) 50 bucks... it only adds better game quality and more EAX levels i believe...

    I currently have the "old" fatality thats just pci slot not the new pci-e slot... and its amazing...

    i can literally hear what direction... up down left or right with my over-ear headphones... and music sounds so much better...

    Base is really much better as well, you'll notice a major improvement... for yo though i'd recommend the XTREME AUDIO

    creative uses too man x's... just like old ati
  2. the xtreme audio would be fine for you, but depending on the kind of speakers you have. i recently purchased a home theater system for my computer which meant that i would need an optical connection on my computer. i considered the creative xtreme audio pci-e, until i found out that it could only send stereo over optical. so i did some more research and came across auzentech, whose cards do support 5.1 over optical in games. auzentech, and also asus may be worth considering.
  3. It doesn't use a PCI-express slot like a videocard does it? lol
  4. What speakers you using?
  5. I use both speakers and headphones. For speakers I am using Logitech X-530s - http://www.maytinhcu.com.vn/image/speaker/x530/X530big.jpg

    They are actually really damn good! Pretty impress by them considering I payed 65$ for them. For headphones I use these Sennheiser PC151s - http://images.tigerdirect.com/itemdetails/S302-1186/S302-1186-call01-sp.jpg.

    They also kick ass imo.
  6. Right those speakers aren't really of sufficient quality to warrant a decent soundcard, there'll be minimal, if any, benefit to the upgrade. The headphones are OK but i still wouldn't bother with a soundcard.

    Have you tried the onboard sound from your motherboard? These days onboard sound is of a suprisingly high quality and in my opinion a soundcard is only worthwhile once you start buying Seperates systems (AV Receiver, Speakers etc).

    Hope that can be of some help to ya.
  7. I already use a SoundBlaster Audigy SE and that was a huge upgrade over my motherboard sound. I'm pretty sure the soundcard would help with the headphones though. I've decided not to get one since I like my sound the way it is right now, and have decided to go for some car audio instead lol.
  8. i have the Logitech X-540s and Bought the SoundBlaster Audigy SE card as a small upgrade to the onboard version on my P5Q-E, i had not owned a sound card before so sort of bought it as an experiment, there is a small but noticible improvement, though i really dont think i could warrant getting a more expensive card with speakers like mine.

    wait till you have expensive speakers untill you buy a decent card.
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