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  1. Is it overclocked? I have a 7950 that looks like that if I push the memory too far.
  2. oh my god! godzilla!
  3. Have you tried reinstalling directx? And/Or your drivers?
  4. Reinstall the drivers
  5. It's a hardware issue.

    Return to stock speed if OC's.
    Check the fan?
    Change PCI slots?
    Check the power connections and the PSU.
    If you have aftermarket cooling or have removed the heat sink consider checking that, conductive thermal compound can cause this symptom.

    Good luck.
  6. hopefully the video memory didnt go bad.
  7. Toast.

    Good time to pick up a new ATI.
  8. Same thing happened to my x1650xt. It's dead. Time for a new card.
  9. video card dead if i am not wrong
  10. His card may or may not be fried, I corrected that symptom with all of the things that I've suggested. If it is bad there is a very good change that it's under warranty.

    I would also like to point out that my 4870 x2 was defective on arrival.
  11. Yup looks dead man :D
  12. Might be dead.

    But first, lower the GPU core speed and RAM speed to see if you are getting the same symptoms. You got nothing to loose by doing so.

    Check for dust bunnies too in your PC. They like to multiply.
  13. I cant/ dont know how to lower gpu speed! I have rivatuner and the latest nvidia drivers (re-installed) and rivatuner does not recognize the card at all!

    It did this on 2 different systems...
  14. oh, it went like this after going through the mail. soz double post.

    gona try get insurance!
  15. Is it getting enough cooling? Are the power plugs fully seated?
  16. surfbum said:
    oh my god! godzilla!


    what do you mean after the mail? and yeah i would just remove the drivers, take the card out, boot up with onboard graphics and then reinstall everything.
  17. dead card. my sister had a computer with some old 64MB gfx card in it and every once in a while over a few years (lol, it wasn't that often so we didnt bother to do anything) it stuffed the screen up. a simple reboot would fix it for a few minutes but then.... anyway i was pretty much as noob as you could get in those days being like 9 years old, lol... card didnt have a fan but i wonder if the heatsink on it was properly contacting it...

    anyway a cheap graphics card upgrade (or downgrade maybe idk some retarded store where she lives "fixed" it for $100 -_-) fixed the prob.
  18. hhahaahyea said:

    what do you mean after the mail? and yeah i would just remove the drivers, take the card out, boot up with onboard graphics and then reinstall everything.

    I sent it via the mail to a guy to trade for an HD4850 and when he put it in his PC he said this happened. So either he screwed it up or it got screwed up in the mail. Either way there is not much I can do about it except learn a good lesson I guess, I cannot prove he broke it >_<

    My card has an HR-03 Plus cooler on it so I'm going to switch to XFX8800GTX Extreme Edition I think.

    I tried all the suggestions, thanks to those who gave them. Nothing seemed to work :/ Would flashing the bios help?
  19. I think that flashing the video card's bios might get you somewhere - that's the only thing i didn't try on my x1650xt...I can't find a bios for the card anywhere.

    But, it's broken anyway, it's worth a shot.
  20. I heard that a card has 2x BIOS, is it possible that I can switch to this 2nd one I hear of or is this an urban legend >_<?

    I'm trying to figure out the flashing now... Kinda hard with my screen looking like this haha!

    However, if it is wasted what card would you guys suggest for this system (I'm looking at atleast being able to play SC2 and Diablo3 decently, but also not to be working off the debt for the rest of my life :P):

    AM2 5200+ w/
    MSI K9VGM-V (not very good mobo >_<)
    2gig ddr2 800 RAM
    2 x IDE HDD
    22" Samsung 2232GW (1680x1050)
  21. You can still see what's on screen, it should still work.

    With the VIA chipset, you're relatively stuck - I'd go for a 4850.
  22. +1 for the 4850/4870 (Wich ever one you can afford)
  23. You could also try installing a remote client like VNC to see if you can see your screen as normal. IDK if it'll work, but just an idea.
  24. very good chance the memory went bad. try to reinstall drivers. underclock card.
    if nothing else works hopefully u have warranty. if u bought from evga/xfx
    they will take care of u nicely.
  25. 3rd hand ftw...
  26. Sorry, this isn't helping, but the ironic thing is in your second picture it says "your computer might be at risk..."
  27. I had the same message when my x1650xt died. Hm. Most of his screenshots are exactly what mine looked like, too.

    Could this be a virus for GPU's?

    Sounds a bit crazy.
  28. Same thing happened with my 8600GT. The card (as others have suggested) may be dying.

  29. Welcome to my DOS:


    Flash didn't work, I fear the worst (sounds like some epic movie quote \:D/)
  30. I had a 6200 LE TC once. I tried overclocking it a bit. From 350 MHz core to 455 MHz, it was fine. I tried pushing it a bit further and this was the result. But I brought it back to 455 MHz and everything was fine once again.
  31. Hopefully you are still under warranty :P
  32. I think it might be the card but before you take it out for another, maybe your operating is screwed up. Try reinstalling your OS completley. Maybe it can help.
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