K8M800 and BE-2400 not working

I just setup a system using a K8M800 with an Athlon BE-2400 and when I power on, the fans and HD spin up, but no beeps and nothing on the screen.

If I switch to an Athlon X2 4200, it works fine.
I've read that other people have gotten it to work with the BE-2400 so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
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  1. You probably need to update the bios of the motherboard.
  2. I can't update the bios since it doesnt gets that far. (no display, no beeps, no post)
  3. if you can boot it with the athlon x2 then use that to update the bios
  4. oh yeah, good idea.

    I checked the site, there are 3 available. The one it currently has loaded and two beta ones. I guess I'll try a beta
  5. I just tried it and was able to update the bios to the latest version, however everything is still the same. It still doesnt work. any other ideas?
  6. K8M800 is a chip, not a motherboard. Do you know the motherboard make and model?
  7. Its the Biostar K8M800 Micro AM2. I bought it off newegg, there is a review of some guy that was able to get the combination to work but I dont know how.
  8. Try to verify the CPU is actually working on another board. Biostar does not list that particular model but it does list BE-2350, so it likely is compatible.
  9. Yes I did try the CPU on another board it it worked, it just wont work on this one for some reason
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