Vista Fails to Boot on Restart - AT WITS END

Hey guys, been a while since I've needed some advice, but I'm willing to entertain any thoughts you have with this one.

For 5 months now when I restart or shutdown&start up my computer, the first start up will fail. My machine will post, then a black screen with a flashing underscore will appear in the top left corner for about 3 seconds, then the screen goes completely black and does not do anything.

I hold down the power button and start up again, machine loads windows fine this time.

I recently formatted because it was just time to, and I hoped it might fix this, but it didnt.

What hardware might be hindering my restarts? I've swapped memory and video cards, both didn't help.

I may try another harddrive as a last resort. Any thoughts? (parts are in my sig)

Thanks all.
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  1. Although I had no problem with version 0907, the latest BIOS is 1102. If your ASUS MF X38 came with 0907 installed and you have not updated the BIOS, you might try latest version 1102 and see if a new BIOS addresses the problem.
  2. I had to borrow a friends proc to update to 0907 so my 8400 would run, but I will see if a bios update fixes things. Other than that I will try installing vista on my other HDD.

    Thanks Badge.
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